We love Mandie!  We have been so blessed to have Mandie share her talents with our family.  Her bubbly personality, energy and enthusiasm exhibited behind the camera made the experience of having our family pictures taken actually a positive one!  She has a gift both behind and with the camera.

In selecting backgrounds for our family portraits, she has “scouted out” some really fun places for us.  The scenery has turned out beautifully and added just the color and touch we were hoping for…every time.  We love color….and she does a great job finding it for us.

There’s one thing with Mandie that stands out.  It is her ability to somehow pull out and capture the true “essence” of each one of our children.  And that is saying something because we have five of them- all different personalities.  She’s got an invaluable gift that we so appreciate.  I loved watching her as she talked with each one of our children on their level, encouraged and complimented them.  They felt comfortable with her and their photos show it.

Please realize that there’s one last thing to remember:  in looking for a quality photographer, one needs to take into consideration the equipment the photographer uses.  It’s one thing to get a beautiful portrait taken, it’s another thing to be able to enlarge that portrait and still have a quality print, one that you can be proud to display.   Most pictures lose their quality as they are enlarged- especially to a 20 x 24” size.  We were delighted when we received our 20 x24” prints and found the quality of the print to be EXCEPTIONAL!!  The colors were bright, and there was NO blurring.  Mandie has obviously invested well in her equipment and it pays off in the customers receiving a quality product.

We love “our” Mandie.  We’ve now used her for 4 family photo shoots.  She is a most talented and wonderful photographer.  Thank you Mandie for giving us such timeless gifts!!!

Lisa Warnes


The combination of a fun personality and breath-taking pictures make Mandie stand out from the rest!! My daughter has had the opportunity to have her photos taken by Mandie on 4 different occasions. Each time it has been a wonderful experience and the pictures have turned out beautifully. The photos were so good and so professional looking that many people who have seen them have asked my daughter if she is a model!! Mandie is the best!!

Lori Andersen



I’ll admit that I am persnickety about the quality of professional family photos. Mandie is truly professional! Not only does she have the credentials, experience, and a warmth about her, but she has the ability of capture the personality of her subjects. During our photo shoot, our family didn’t feel like we were posing but rather enjoying an interactive fun exchange. Our pictures are stunning! I look forward to a future opportunity of working/playing with her again.

Jolaine Porter Garner



Amazing and Very patient and good with all of the kids in our little choir groups!!! Thanks!!!!

Timothy Coral Mair

Director of Sing Out Young




In an era where everyone thinks they can be a photographer, Mandie is one!

Andrew Mair


I ain’t no model, but she maked me look good:) Mandie did our wedding pics and HOLY COW it was so fun, especially the engagement pics! She had a wonderful location planned out (good ol’ charming Park City, Utah) and she was really fun and easy to work with. Overall, every event was a joy. We will cherish our wedding pictures for years to come! Thanks Mandie, we love you!

Christopher White




Mandie is such and talented photographer!! I love to look at all of her work and see her amazing shots, she knows how to capture each moment perfectly. I love what an INCREDIBLE job that she did taking my families pictures!! She worked so hard to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with the way that they turned out. She was such a joy to work with and danced around with so much energy and made it so much fun. I look forward to having her take our family pictures again sometime soon.

Cheloni Jeppson


Mandie is such an amazing photographer. She really has an eye for composition and beauty. I can’t count the number of times I have had my breath taken away by one of her photographs. Her work is stunning and creative and unique. She is full of passion and talent and is so great to work with. She’s done my engagements, bridals, wedding, and years worth of family photos. She’s so creative and spunky and helps you feel at ease during the sessions. The photos turn out beautifully and really help you capture the moment or memory. We even once did an outdoor shoot where we were attacked by millions of mosquitoes and ants but the photos still ended up being just lovely. That takes skill! 🙂  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superb photographer!I love her work!!!

Leah Aston


I needed a new head shot and some current pictures to use on my blog and other media sites. I looked at Mandie’s portfolio on her website and was very impressed with what I saw so I called her and set up a photo shoot. She made it fun, she worked fast and efficient and best of all we ended up with a lot of great photos. I’ve already had numerous compliments on my pictures. I’ve very pleased with the results! I recommend Mandie highly!

Chuck R. Gilmore


I love the pictures that Mandie has taken of my family. They are treasures to me. Mandie has an eye for making pictures gorgeously dramatic or original and fun. The pictures she took of my daughter’s engagement and wedding were absolutely stunning. You should see the senior photos she took of her. They are the kind of pictures a girl dreams of having. I love the shots that Mandie has taken of my children and grandchildren. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. If my house were on fire the first things I’d grab as I ran for the door would be my pictures- and that is no exaggeration!

Carol Balaich


I have worked with Mandie numerous times, and I promise you that you’ll never find another photographer who is more fun, energetic, cute, and talented. She’s done tons of my family photos (which are always great), my Senior pictures (which are completely amazing), and my entire wedding. It literally took me hours to decide which pictures I wanted for the invitations, and which I wanted to display at the reception. They were all so perfect! We ended up printing a ton to display at the wedding, because we couldn’t choose! She designed a BEAUTIFUL wedding album for me. I always tear up when I look through it. The pictures take me right back to all of those perfect moments. She didn’t miss anything! I honestly didn’t even notice her there taking pictures and yet she still captured every moment! You wont find anyone better than Mandie! No way.

She will go way out of her way to get a good picture. Which usually brings her onto her back, her stomach, or jumping up and down like a crazy person to get sad kids to smile (which always seems to be successful). And the sky is the limit! Her creativity always produces such unique stuff! And the unique ones are always my favorite. She is seriously the best. You are seriously the best Mandie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra White


If anyone can make your family smile, it’s Mandie! She is the happiest photographer you will ever meet. She has such a unique style, and an amazing talent for getting just the right shot. My favorite picture of my daughters is one she took after doing a funky little dance to get them all laughing…I love it!

Sherene Keith


We had family portraits done this past year with Mandie and it was overall an awesome experience. She was very helpful with location and coloring and flexible with scheduling. She had a huge challenge with my family……a 2 year-old and she was great. She chased him around getting whatever shots she could get! (the perks of being a mom herself!) I was a little nervous if anything would turn out. Very happy when I viewed the results on her site. I will be using Mandie again! Very talented.

Cariane Weston Bowles


Illuminé Photography stands in a class all it’s own. Mandie Harris has true talent and has always brought out the best in me and my family. I Love the creativity and life that Mandy brings to her photography. I had a family shoot with her last year and they are hands down the BEST pictures I’ve ever had done.  I won’t go to anyone else for my head shots. After 10 years of searching, I’ve finally found my photographer for life. She’s worth every penny!  If you are looking for someone enjoyable to work with for groups of all ages, and get great professional photography, look no more. You’ve found it.

Marcy Hickman Valenzuela


I love working with Mandie every time. She’s so cheerful and she makes you happy and relaxed while you work with her, and the photos and retouching she did with me look beautiful. Out of any of the photos I’ve had taken, I use hers most often when I’m promoting my modeling.

Mysti Sadler






You would be so proud of us. The photographs are hung and look awesome!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much. They are a treasure. We are so happy with it all. Thank you for sharing your great talent and abilities with us. It was fun and nostalgic to see you and be around you again. Tell Noah “hello” from “Aunt Nadine”. Your children are amazing. Thanks for everything.

Nadine Rollo


Mandie is AMAZING! She’s done family, engagement, and wedding photos for us, and they all show that she has “It”. A true artist who leads in technology–and whose joie de vivre makes the photo shoots as memorable as the photos.

Betsy Telleson





Having Mandie as my wedding photographer was one of the easiest and best decisions possible. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Not only was she there in the freezing cold with us every step of the way, she was smiling and prepared with great ideas and tons of energy! Mandie captured all of the wonderful moments of the day beautifully, and everyone loved working with her (you wouldn’t believe how great she is at getting the whole group’s attention…especially getting those little kids to look at her and smile!). Thank you for making my wedding day so easy and stress-free, Mandie! I love having your incredible photos to keep as treasures forever!

Dana Swofford


Mandie was SO fun to work with. During our session she went out of her way to make our kids feel comfortable. (We loved the silly dances). She was so kind and helpful. Not only was the experience of getting our pictures taken wonderful, the pictures themselves turned out beautifully! Illuminé photography is our new favorite!

Sarah Allen Heiner


Wow, is all that I can say about Mandy Wood-Harris and her business Illuminé Photography. Back in November, she took all of the pictures at my son’s wedding. She did a fantastic job! We were all so very pleased. First, she spent the whole day and evening with them. Second, she took pictures of everything. I mean, everything. We have the best memories of that day, thanks to the all the time she spent and her amazing talent. Third, she was so vivacious, fun and never complained or acted annoyed at anyone! That took a lot of PATIENCE! The pictures were beautiful. She was original and a joy to work with. Thanks Mandie, we couldn’t have been happier or more pleased. I would recommend you to anyone!


Steffnie Shepherd (Eden, Utah)


Pictures are a huge deal, they show who you are, they show what you look like, and most of all they are around for a long, long time so they better be perfect. Mandie has done my family photos for years, and then she was kind enough to do my engagements, and wedding pictures. She is the only person I would trust with such a huge deal. She is amazing, she takes the time, scouts out the places that would bring out your personality the best, she’s cute and funny- full of energy and an amazing person all together. Like I said they’re aren’t very many people I would trust my pictures with, but she holds the key to my heart on that subject! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone out there! Mandie takes good care of you, and makes your pictures worth the time, money and planning pictures can sometimes take! I love her and would love to adopt her into my family! Hey, if you’re not convinced by me, let the pictures speak for themselves!

Mikenna Warnes Atkinson


I can’t say enough about Iluminé Photography. Mandie has such an eye for beauty and creativity, and I trust her artistic instincts implicitly. I bought myself her “Road Less Traveled” photo for Christmas, and can’t stop admiring it. Additionally, she was able to bring out the unique personalities of each member of our family during our winter photo shoot. These weren’t just “say cheese!” photos, they had emotion, movement and vitality. Plus she somehow made normal-looking people look like professional models! Amazing!

Robert Lochhead


The best pictures that have ever been taken of me were by Mandie. I have to say I wish I look as good in real life as I do in her pictures. I am hoping to also get some of her artwork for my walls. I think that’s where she’s really amazing…. But on another subject, I have had other photographers, that will not take charge, or do not seem to know what they’re doing. I have felt very frustrated with others, that won’t tell you how to stand, or tell your kids where to look. I actually have kids that are pretty hard to photograph. They don’t like to look at the camera, or stay in place and smile. I have had them actually cry during a photo shoot. Somehow, Mandie always gets great shots of them. She know how to get their attention, and how to get them to smile. And she makes it not seem hard, but since I’ve seen others try and fail with my kids I know it is. She is talented, professional, and takes charge. Which is what I like. I highly recommend her, you’ll like the experience’ and the pictures.

Katie Deamer


I love Mandie!! Not only does she take amazing photos of people, she has blown me away by some of the “every day” things she has photographed. She gets very excited when she gets a great shot and she loves to show you right then, on her camera, what she just captured. Mandie is one of a kind!!

Rebecca Saunders Wood


LOVED working with Illuminé!! I couldn’t be any happier with how my Senior portraits turned out…. I’ve made sure to tell all my friends about it! Will recommend Illuminé Photography to anyone! 🙂

Marley Keith






Illuminé is creative, brave and the best at her trade.

Dodd Greer


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