Joni & Jason’s Wedding Album


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Joni {Lund} and Jason Saunders had such a wonderful wedding.  It was a day full of family and friends, love and laughter.  Even mother nature smiled on them, waiting until they left the parking lot after their reception before unleashing … Continue reading

Congratulations Joni and Jason!

DSC_3918Congratulations to a wonderful couple!  Joni and Jason got married last Friday (May 17th) and it was a beautiful day!  My favorite part?  How the rain that had been threatening all day waited until they had literally just driven out of the reception parking lot and BAM!  Boy did it hit!  If you could hear the pitter-patter of little feet over the storm that was the videographer and I bolting for the indoors.  Such a fun day!

Even better, I can finally reveal the Bridals.  We had such a lovely time at Memory Grove in Salt Lake City photographing Joni’s bridals.  The best part was the blossoms.  I knew Joni wanted blossoms and when I pulled up to see all the trees in full bloom I had to do a full on happy dance!  Here is my favorite of the bridals and a link to more on Facebook.


April in Paris…well S.L.C.

035So I’m sitting in my car outside of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah after a long day of tech rehearsal and it is pouring.  Not spritzing, not sprinkling….POURING.  I sigh because I really don’t want to reschedule my shoot but although I photograph engagements all the time I know that this is my couple’s only session they’ll ever do and I so want it to be as perfect as possible for them.  I call them up and they are still good to go and you know what?  It was the most fun shoot I’ve ever done.

I know, I say that a lot.

It really was wonderful!  The rain made the colors pop.  I loved what they were wearing.  They are so cute and fun and in love that it made my cheeks hurt from smiling.  The umbrellas were a blast and it looked exactly like springtime in Paris.  I know, I’ve been there.  I also know a beautiful song that I sang with my Utah Chamber Artist group entitled April in Paris so not only did I have a wonderful shoot but there was an accompanying soundtrack running through my head…yeah, I do that.

The weather cleared and we had the most beautiful sunset.  Plus this platform is where he proposed.  It doesn’t get much more perfect than that!

150p.s.  Here’s a link to a few more on my facebook business page.

Strickland Family at Memory Grove

This is my beautiful cousin’s family.  Sadly they have moved far, far way and I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to.  I love my cousins.  I have a huge, happy, noisy, wonderful family and I love that I have a boatload of cousins and that my kids have that too.  April and her family were only in town for a short visit and there was really only one day that worked for them to have their family pictures taken.  I knew April liked a classic outdoor green look so I suggested Memory Grove in Salt Lake City UT.  My style of shooting for families is natural light and I like to start about  a half hour before sunset but due to scheduling conflicts of mine we had to start earlier.  I knew that Memory Grove had this lovely pathway that is in open shade earlier in the afternoon.  I love to shoot in open shade!  We had the lighting that I wanted and the outside green that April likes.  I also love how the color of the wall breaks up all the green and adds a note of warmth.  I love the curved lines of the wall and sidewalk for my composition.

Sidenote:  Speaking of family, as I am typing this post I have been making banana muffins from my Grandma Wood’s recipe.  Man, that woman was an amazing cook.  I am in heaven… I’m going to eat three!