All the World’s a Stage


Have you ever been to Ogden High School in Utah?  It’s a beautiful building!  It’s also historic as it was built as part of the projects that helped our country recover from the Great Depression.

This is Joseph and he graduated fro Ogden High last spring.  I was fortunate to get a chance to take his Senior pictures.  What’s extra fun is that Joseph is a theatre person like me!  When we went to Ogden High at the end of the session a good friend of mine who manages their theatrical spaces happened to still be there and let us into the main auditorium and the black box so we could take some images where Joseph has spent so many wonderful hours.  My friend was even willing to turn on the lights for us.  That is going above and beyond!


I love this image.  It’s hard to explain how much the stage means to an actor.  The dark theatre, the lights, the feel.  It’s comfort and home and magic.  Thank you Joseph (and Derek), for a wonderful day!