Strickland Family at Memory Grove

This is my beautiful cousin’s family.  Sadly they have moved far, far way and I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to.  I love my cousins.  I have a huge, happy, noisy, wonderful family and I love that I have a boatload of cousins and that my kids have that too.  April and her family were only in town for a short visit and there was really only one day that worked for them to have their family pictures taken.  I knew April liked a classic outdoor green look so I suggested Memory Grove in Salt Lake City UT.  My style of shooting for families is natural light and I like to start about  a half hour before sunset but due to scheduling conflicts of mine we had to start earlier.  I knew that Memory Grove had this lovely pathway that is in open shade earlier in the afternoon.  I love to shoot in open shade!  We had the lighting that I wanted and the outside green that April likes.  I also love how the color of the wall breaks up all the green and adds a note of warmth.  I love the curved lines of the wall and sidewalk for my composition.

Sidenote:  Speaking of family, as I am typing this post I have been making banana muffins from my Grandma Wood’s recipe.  Man, that woman was an amazing cook.  I am in heaven… I’m going to eat three!