A Disney Color Scheme Wedding :)

I loved this wedding SO much!  I have photographed this gorgeous bride…hang on I’m thinking…seven times?  I may be missing one.  She is a delight to work with and her family is a delight to work with.  Shooting this wedding was just like hanging out with old friends, okay it was hanging out with old friends.  Plus it was at the Union Station, which is one of my favorites venues, and they have a great sense of style so everything was fun and unique, and fantastic.   They decorated in my most favoritest of colors, and there was a subtle Disney feel which I adore AND there were POLKA DOTS which are basically my favorite things in the universe.  Aren’t polka dots just happy?  How can you be grumpy with polka dots, I ask you?  I was basically in photographer heaven.  It was also so nice to get back behind my camera.  I’ve been immersed in school this year and as much as I love and adore theatre (so much I don’t have words for it), I communicate in pictures, it’s just who I am, so this was coming home for me.  Anyway, here is Kenzie and Riley’s wedding album (designing these is my absolute favorite part of a wedding).  Enjoy! 🙂