LDS General Conference and fun.

Last past Saturday I had the privilege of attending LDS General Conference in person with my two daughters.  This was the first time we have all three been able to go.  We were extra excited because my Aunt and Uncle had been accepted into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the session we were at was their very first Conference performance.  An historic occasion!  My daughters were fascinated by all of the protestors outside the conference center and we were so excited to find our beloved bagpiper outside on the street playing church songs.  Why does everything sound so much better played by bagpipes?

Later that same evening my husband and I went to see fun. at In The Venue.  It was completely sold out and a total madhouse.  We’ve liked fun. for ages but there were a lot more people there than at their last concert a year and a half ago.  I guess that’s what happens when Glee  covers your favorite band.  They put on an awesome show, which they always do, and I was fascinated by how many people left after We Are Young.  I wasn’t allowed to take my real camera in so this is a crappy cell phone shot but it’s still fun.  {totally accidental pun} 🙂


At least I’m not as sad as I used to be.

Don’t panic, this post title is the name of a song by my current band obsession, Fun!! Such a great name. “Where are you going?” “Oh, to Fun”. “You’re having fun?” “Yes, with Fun.”
I’m a dork but it all makes me laugh.

Steel Train opened the night. The lead for Steel Train is a member of Fun so he was doing double duty. This shot is from their song It’s fun to dance. It is and it was!!

I also like the crowd in these shots. I had as much fun watching the crowd as the bands, well maybe not QUITE as much, but I’m weird like that.

I love the color, light, and positioning in this one. It looks a lot better on my larger screen, oh well. See cute girl on the right. Her name is Emily and my brother is in love with her. She does have skills.

Another that I loved the light on the crowd. Awesome show and the crowd energy was fantastic. I moved from the top balcony to the side, then down to the floor. Had to be in the mix, loved it!

…and scene! This was the last activity in my best birthday week ever. I’ll be posting the NYC pix as soon as I get caught up in editing…it may take awhile..good times!!