School Break Photo Special

I’ve been neglecting my camera while in school this summer, and since my photography is how I communicate with the world, I’ve been feeling like something has died.

So, I decided to have a special during the break before fall semester starts. The details are in the photo below.  Please call or email me if you have any questions.  I try to make everything really simple, but simple in my head doesn’t necessarily mean simple to others…isn’t that weird?

Here’s a link to some location ideas that I’ve put together, but there are lots more possibilities and I’m willing to go anywhere in the Valley or the nearby Ogden/Morgan/North Ogden area. 🙂

Page03_webHere’s a link to more of my Headshot work, just in case you’d like it.


15% off Temple Pictures to Celebrate the Denver Temple

Last weekend my husband and I went on a mini trip to Denver to see a Rockies game, visit the Denver Colorado temple and for him to just have a much needed break from his MBA classes and very busy work schedule.  I also needed a weekend away to be able to face the end of school.  May is far worse than December as far as being crazy busy at our house.  This week is so nuts I almost want to cry and I have determined to just take one day at a time because I would really like to get through this week with grace, poise and aplomb.

Anyway back to the trip.  Todd wants to visit every major league baseball stadium in the country and I’m game for that because I love adventures.  We both would like to visit all of the temples in the country and preferably the world but that may be too lofty of a goal.  We had  a lovely time and it was nice to enjoy the drive and be able to talk and reconnect.  Our schedule worked out that we needed to visit the temple on Saturday morning.  I’ve always determined that I would just take my photographs of the temples when I could and try not to worry about it not being the “ideal” time because I can’t control that and have to let it go.  That being said, Saturday morning in the very worse time to try to take temple pictures.  That is my tip to my fellow shooters.  Whenever I’ve had to do it it has been very difficult or even not worked out at all.  There are just too many people about.

Below is the link to more pictures of the Denver Temple on my Fine Art Boutique and I am also running a special on all of my temple pictures through the end of May.  Enter the code LDSTemples at checkout to receive 15% off of any of my temple pictures and thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

much love

~mandie 🙂

Headshot Mini-Session Event

Many of my performing {and business minded} friends have asked me about doing quick headshots so this event is a gift for all of you wonderful people in my life to let you know how much I appreciate you.  Call, text, or email me for a time.  I aim to be as flexible as possible.  Thank you so much for all of your support!

Mini-Session in the Snow! {Utah Family Photography}

After many many requests I have finally decided to do a mini-session special. My plan/goal is to do four a year. I am tentatively planning to do snow, headshots, spring and fall sessions. So starting with snow I am offering a half hour session in Ogden Valley at your choice of three locations starting at 5 p.m. {promptly ’cause the sun it does go down}. There is no session fee just a required $100.00 minimum purchase {tax is not included}. I offered a few pricing samples on the session photo but of course I have more sizes etc. available. Also the Christmas Card design and $500 all inclusive package are special prices connected to this offer.

Give me a call/email if you are interested and please pass this along to anyone who may enjoy it.

Thanks so much!!