They Grow Up SO Fast!


This handsome gentlemen is my neighbor.  My actual neighbor. 🙂
I live in a rural area so our idea of neighbor can encompass miles, but Dillon actually lives just a couple houses down and is the same age as my oldest daughter.  His brother and one of my sons are the best of friends and practically inseparable.  They’re ecstatic this year because for the first time since Kindergarten they actually have the same teachers!

Anyway, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take his Senior pictures and so proud of what a fantastic young man he is.  He was a delight to work with and I wish him all the best at the University of Utah.  I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful time there and be a phenomenal success!

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All the World’s a Stage


Have you ever been to Ogden High School in Utah?  It’s a beautiful building!  It’s also historic as it was built as part of the projects that helped our country recover from the Great Depression.

This is Joseph and he graduated fro Ogden High last spring.  I was fortunate to get a chance to take his Senior pictures.  What’s extra fun is that Joseph is a theatre person like me!  When we went to Ogden High at the end of the session a good friend of mine who manages their theatrical spaces happened to still be there and let us into the main auditorium and the black box so we could take some images where Joseph has spent so many wonderful hours.  My friend was even willing to turn on the lights for us.  That is going above and beyond!


I love this image.  It’s hard to explain how much the stage means to an actor.  The dark theatre, the lights, the feel.  It’s comfort and home and magic.  Thank you Joseph (and Derek), for a wonderful day!

On the Shores of the Salt Lake

048This lovely lady was one of the Seniors that I was privileged to photograph this year.  I have known her for years and years so it was an honor to be a part of this exciting time in her life.  I especially love that this family is always up for something new and different, so off we headed to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, somewhere I haven’t ever photographed despite living in Utah my entire life.
I often have people follow me when I am out and about with my big camera but this was the best.  We pulled over on the side of the road so we could use the sunset and the lakefront.  We were doing some light checks when a big white van pulled up behind us and a large group of lady tourists from the Asian regions of the Earth piled out and started taking pictures of us, the lake, and themselves.  First time I’d ever seen a selfie stick in action.  They asked us to take a photo of them but by this time both my subject and I were precariously (and a bit ridiculously) perched on rocks.  Luckily my friend Sarah was able to scramble up and oblige.
The next best thing about this shoot was timing it for the birds.  Every few seconds more birds would fly by and you could see them coming. We just kept shooting until we got one with the birds that we liked.  For other tech info (for those who may care)  I’m using a speedlight mounted off camera on a monopod that my friend Sarah is holding (Sarah is also my lovely subject’s wonderful mother).  I’ve got the flash synched to my on camera flash as a slave, so when I trip the shutter my on camera flash tells the other flash to fire.  I did this because I needed flash to balance the sunset and I wanted the flash to be off camera so that it wouldn’t flatten out my subject.  Below is another image I took without the flash, using ambient light.  It’s fun, and in my opinion, better, to have more than one look! 🙂

029For a few more of her favorite images, here is the link to my facebook page.
Kirsten Davis Seniors
Fair warning for those who may want to shoot here, there are bugs, lots of them.  Also, once the sun goes down you become a mosquito smörgåsborg.  Bring repellent, or better yet, at that point, run!

Let the Senior Photos Begin!

06This is my daughter and she will be a Senior this year (sigh).  This spring I had the honor to take quite a few Senior pictures and it made me realize that I needed to start thinking about McKenna’s pictures so I didn’t end up panicking at the last minute.  Y’know the old adage about shoemakers children not having shoes.  So I started thinking and I was like well, what about this, what about that.  Long story short, we may end up doing four different shoots which I know sounds really high maintenance but I promised McKenna we’d keep them short so it wouldn’t be too bad (she is SUCH a good sport, all this really isn’t her thing but she’s such good kid).  Anyway, I love the poppies that bloom in our valley in the spring, I love the lake and mountains, and in some images we even got our beloved wild pelicans in the background.  I couldn’t be happier, it was one of our magic summer nights.  Now to start planning the next…who am I kidding, I already know what I want to do! 😉


Disney Pose


This is Jake.  He is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the privilege of working with, heck, he is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  I would totally let him date my daughter!
I have had the honor of photographing his sister for quite a few years.  I tried to count the sessions but lost track at eight.  I’ve also been lucky enough to work with his dad on several film projects, I adore his family!  So I was beyond thrilled at the chance to take his Senior pictures.  It was such a lovely day.  His mom came and we chatted and laughed, I loved it!  I drove home just thinking “I love my life”!

Jake loves Disney too (bonding!,) and he had just returned from an epic family vacation to Disney World.  Apparently this is his standard obligatory photo pose. 🙂

‘Tis the Season


It’s graduation time!!
Which means I get the chance to photograph some lovely people embarking on the next adventure in their lives!  So much fun.  This beautiful girl is the daughter of my husband’s best friend so I have known her her entire life.  She was the cutest baby {don’t worry Nicole, I won’t post any pictures}. 🙂  Anyway, it was so fun to get a chance to see her again and catch up.  I love that about what I do.


Wait for it . . . . NO, I don’t wanna!!! =)

Kenzi Andersen, gorgeous girl, so fun to work with. You may remember her from the Senior pix we took of her at Pineview Reservoir. She is the stunning Hula girl. Well, we did the second half of her Senior pictures weeks ago. SO fun, BUT, I wasn’t allowed to post any of them because the fabulous dress she wore was destined for her Senior Cotillion and of course we didn’t want to ruin the suprise . . . TORTURE!!! I am definitely not the most patient of creatures. Lol, so here she is, finally, in all her glory. Enjoy!