Even though it rained on us…

002BW‘Tis the time for actor headshots.  Fa-la-la-la-la…
Just kidding.  I’m in a weird mood where I randomly break out into song. 🙂

This is my friend Colton and he is fun to work with.  Extremely creative, like, oodles of creativity just oozing everywhere.  One of those people who would really annoy you with their brilliance if they weren’t so nice.

He needed new headshots plus some press kit images for “just in case” and for fun.
We shot into the darkling hours of the night and even had to take shelter as a storm breezed through.

It was fun.

053This image is kinda my favorite. 🙂


Chuck Gilmore Press Kit (Utah Photography)

I recently had the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented Chuck Gilmore. I met Chuck while appearing in Evita at Rodgers Memorial Theatre. Chuck is an actor, singer, and vocal coach and he needed press kit pictures for his website http://www.singutah.com and bloghttp://singamazingly.com.

I like to do at least one horizontal headshot because the verticals are so common that the horizontals tend to stand out. Plus I have found that some social media site avatars can be weird sizes so sometimes a horizontal is easier to fit.

I usually have an aversion to random stuff in the background of headshots, especially if they are used for theater programs but I just really liked this one and since these are for press kit as well I’m hoping he can use it.

We wanted an edgy, urban like feel for this shoot. I’m hoping he will be pleased with how they turned out! 🙂

Please welcome to the stage . . .

…Mr. Bryan Buttars!!! Actually one of my lines in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Bryan in two shows during the past year and was happy to help out when he needed headshots for a dizzying round of auditions. Bryan is also part of The International Conspiracy improv troup. They perform Friday nights at 10:30 at The Village Green Theatre in Clearfield. Break a leg at all your auditions Bryan, you know I will be thinking of you and sending happy good luck vibes!!!


This handsome Gent is my brilliant friend Danny. Seriously amazing in that he has as much (probably lots more actually) going on in his head at any given time than even I do. Danny is an amazing writer and a member of Solar Shock Pictures. The official premier for their feature length film Elysium is going to be in January and I can’t wait to see it. One part of this shoot was INCREDIBLY difficult . . . just couldn’t stop talking. I have a ton of pictures of Danny mid-sentence which makes me laugh, but we hadn’t had a good chat in ages so it was worth it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday Danny, sorry I can’t be there, this is my sad sad face. =(

My job is soooooooo cool!

Meet Kate Taylor, one of my favorite people on the planet and beyond amazing as well. Kate and I met up for a photo/gabfest session last week. Kate needed some headshots/publicity photos for a stand-up comedy competition in Washington DC. How cool is that? Kate, the brilliant, talented, and fantastic one lives in DC where she works for a certain Utah Senator and has started a blog about her adventures there as a SRMF (Single Republican Mormon Female). Yes, I know I’m not supposed to say Mormon, but seriously the acronym would have been WAY too long the other way. Lol, now I have to try it SRMotCoJCoLDSF, hahaha . . . FOCUS! ANYWAY, her blog got sent to a stand-up competition called the Funniest Fed (www.thefunniestfed.com), she was brought in for as audition, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Now there are several reasons why I am jumping around for joy about all this. I won’t go into details, but Kate’s life hasn’t been the easiest, ‘nough said. I am beyond proud of her that she is out having amazing adventures, taking risks, meeting all sorts of fantastic people, and enjoying every minute of it. Kate you inspire me. Here’s to reaching beyond the norm! If you have a chance, check out Kate’s blog, http://heychiefblog.blogspot.com, it’s hysterical.
Kate, thank you so much for letting me be a part of all this! I love you madly!!!