Dandelions to Zombies – 122 Days of Summer

This summer I decided to document my life with a daily photo project which I titled 122 Days of Summer because well, that’s how many days there were.  I counted. 🙂
Here’s the link to the blog post introducing the project for those who may be curious.

122 Days of Summer

The images were sometimes what I was doing on a particular day, or something that caught my eye, or something I just felt like photographing that resonated with me…  whatever choice, I had fun and I recorded my days rather than let them fade by.  I love going back through the images.  So many memories.

Today, well yesterday by the time I post this, was day 122 and I ended my summer with taking my kids to the 8th annual SLC Zombie Walk benefiting the Utah Food Bank.  It was such a great event and we had a blast.

For those who may want to see them, here is the link to all 122 images…enjoy! 🙂

122 Days of Summer Album