My best birthday present, ever!

64CI love all my cousins, and as I have a really big family I have loads of them.  It’s so fun to feel bonded to complete strangers because hey, they know this cousin or that one.  We’re instant friends.  Or, when I’m running around at school to see one of my cousins and suddenly the day is brighter because family is around and that means I have back-up.

This beautiful little girl is Elsie June and she is the newest addition to the ranks of my cousin.  Technically she is my first-cousin-once-removed but who care about getting that picky?  The best thing?  She was born on MY birthday so she will forever be my special birthday buddy and will hence-forth-and-forever be referred to by me as my best birthday present ever!  She and I will always be excited when our birthday is on Friday the 13th and she will love Halloween just like I do!

Usually for baby showers I give older baby clothes but not for Elsie June.  I found the cutest Halloween outfits and I couldn’t resist!  I was worried but later found out that Elsie’s mom was hoping that I would get her some Halloween clothes.  Yay for everything working out perfectly!  I just may have to make it a tradition, though I have to be careful, I don’t believe in playing favorites, it just ends up hurting feelings and I don’t want that!

Haha, I guess the point of all this is to show the newborn pics that we did of Elsie.  I do not specialize in Newborn photography and my hat is definitely off to those who do, it’s HARD!!  But we did get some lovely images.  The teddy bear pic is my favorite.  I like the story behind it, which is that both of Elsie June’s parents still have their teddy bears from when they grew up.  Also here is a secret about me.  I STILL sleep with my teddy bear (I really do) and I am NOT ashamed to admit it! 🙂

Elsie June’s Dad is a drummer, and a very good one, hence the drum image.  Something funny?  Once you actually GET the baby to go to sleep, they will sleep anywhere!

48CHere is a link to a few more images.

Elsie June

Love you little girl!