The “New” Ogden Temple

OTemple05_27_2015 07I’ve resisted taking pictures of the new Ogden Temple.  It’s not that it isn’t pretty, I just liked the old one.  It was different (well except for it’s exact match in Provo), it had been there my whole life, and it was “my” temple.  I was nervous when they re-did it because I think some of the new designs lack pizzaz, or are two much the same.
It turned out lovely, I like that it isn’t a solid white, and the water features are beautiful…but I do miss the big pool and steps on the East side.  Those steps were great for big groups.
Oh well, hello change, I embrace you!
I went through a session in May and brought my camera for a few quick images as part of my 122 days of Summer photo project.  I didn’t expect much from the images but when I got them into Photoshop they turned out  much better than I expected.  Especially for a mid afternoon shoot (I just checked my metadata and I took these around 1:30 pm). Truthfully I was saved by the weather.  As you can see there was a storm rolling either in or out.  Thank heavens for clouds!

OTemple05_27_2015 06I always try to take a shot that’s different and I love reflections.  This image is my favorite.

If any lovely reader/viewers are interested I offer prints on my boutique.  (I offer them even if you aren’t interested…sorry, mandie humor).
Here’s the link to these and more. 🙂


Throw Back Thursday ~ Draper, Utah LDS Temple

08_24_2012 DraperFinal

#Tbt to an image I took of the Draper, Utah LDS Temple in August of 2012.  The Sunset was so beautiful that evening.  I loved the colors, and how the flowers in front of the temple tied into the sky.

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The Salt Lake Temple, in Spring, at Twilight.

04_13_2013 SLCTempleI tend to not realize I’m missing something until it becomes painful.  This is not the best way to live…moderation in all things and all that.  If I was more aware I could be careful and not  find myself suddenly feeling like I have a gigantic hole in my chest.  Melodramatic I know, but that’s how it is.

I’ve been scary busy with school and so have been neglecting my beloved camera shamefully.  Since my photography is one of the primary ways I communicate with the world it feels like I’ve been cut off from humanity.

I really should pay better attention.

Second block of summer semester finds me with one class instead of three, so I am trying to catch up and fortify myself for the next go-round.  Sidenote:  To keep me sane, I will be offering a killer photo session special during the break before fall semester but I’ll post more on that later.  Just heads up.  Anyway, I spent the weekend on this image of the Salt Lake LDS temple that I’ve been itching to work on since April.  I’m kind of in love with how it turned out.  Twilight is one of two favorite times of the day for me.  I love the streetlights coming on while the sky turns a deep blue and the sunset sings.  It’s magical.  The trees that night were covered with beautiful blossoms and while you can’t see them in detail I like how the branches echo the pink of the sunset.

04_13_2013 SLCTemple 8X10Here’s an 8X10/16X20 crop of the same image.  I have such a hard time cropping because I fall in love with the original format.  I think something in me is drawn to that 2X3 aspect ratio.  My favorite size for images for my own walls is a 24X36 but the 8X10 equivalent is so much easier to find frames for, so I crop it to be helpful to my fine art customers.

Which do you prefer?

p.s. Here’s the link to these images and more at my online fine art boutique.


Just Keep Swimming

08_24_2012 DraperFinal I realize this is about my third post with these Draper temple pictures, and for that I apologize.  Sort of.  When I have an image I’m just not sure about I leave it for awhile to allow my subconscious to do it’s thing and then I come back later.  I did that with this image for about a week and every time I opened it up I was actually startled because it didn’t look like how I thought it did, which is a sure sign that something is off.  So after about a week of tweaking and thinking and tweaking and thinking I finally got it to match what was in my head and now I hereby declare that I am DONE!  Ironically I still have two versions that I can’t decide between because I decided to mess with a filter that turns your images into oil paintings, but I’m ok with that. 😉08_24_2012 DraperpaintFinal

HDR First Attempts…not too bad.

07_17_2012 SanDiego

I’ll try to keep this post super short because I’m having one of those “so crazy busy I kinda want to cry days”.  I’ve been wanting to try HDR for awhile, mainly because I didn’t know how and that bugs me, secondly it is often a cool effect for cityscapes which I love.  These are my first attempts.  I took these images last summer with the idea that I would be trying HDR soonish.  I thought I was doing what I needed to but I wasn’t really.  Still, they’re not bad.  My favorites are the San Diego and Draper LDS Temples.  The Newport Beach Temple bothers me so I may try to redo it.  The Dodger Stadium image I don’t like at all but I think that one’s a lost cause.

07_20_2012 AngelStadiumThe one thing I’m very happy about it that I’m doing this all entirely in Photoshop.  I’m not using a third party plug in.  I know, I know, that would be a ton faster but I kind of feel like that’s cheating a little.  Perhaps I may one day change my mind but for now if I’m creating art I feel like I should spend time on it.  A lot of time.

Maybe that’s just me.

08_24_2012 Draper2It’s interesting how much difference having a cloudy sky makes.  I think my favorite part of the San Diego Temple image is the clouds.  I’ll have to ponder that some more.

07_18_2012 DodgersJust such a bright, flat midday light….I tried, but you can’t win ’em all.

07_18_2012 NewportSo what do you think?  Love ’em, hate ’em?  I’d really like to know.  I’ve found people can be passionately for or against when it comes to HDR.

Though it’s always good to try something new.

For now I’m only putting the Draper and San Diego Temple images on my website, along with Angel Stadium.  Here’s the link

I’ll be adding more and more so feel free to check back often (shameless self-promotion plug)!

Not Really About a Temple Pic

 DraperTemple05This post isn’t really about these images of the Draper UT LDS Temple.  Well, it is and it isn’t.  You see, last summer I had something hideous happen.  The kind of thing that you hope will never EVER happen to you.  But it did and I had to deal with it.  So on August 22, 2012 I bought a new camera, a Nikon D800 to be precise.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted this camera anyway, I just wanted it on my terms.  I have dreams that are grandiose to say the least and so I chose to view this whole situation as the Universe giving me a push out of my possible complacency.  More like a catapult, but hey it did the trick.

Moving forward a couple of days to the 24th of August.  I decide to have a positive attitude, make the best of things, and take Leap of Faith {that’s what I named my camera}  out for a spin.  I spent an hour or so outside of the Draper Temple as close to dusk as I could manage, though sadly the skies wouldn’t blue that night…there may have been fires, can’t remember.  Anyway, I get my images home, download them, pull up my Hulu queue for a happy editing session…and find that my Photoshop won’t open the RAW files.

I’ll save you the boring details, suffice it to say that it is now February 8, 2013 and I finally got those darn Draper Temple RAW files from August 24, 2012 opened, edited, uploaded and now blogged.  5 1/2 months.  Good times.  It’s interesting for those few among us who see life as a movie to note that on film I would have played this a whole lot differently.  Hopefully in a few years I can zip through the years right now with a montage set to a snappy musical beat.  The truth is, life isn’t fast or easy.  Things don’t just fall into place.  We work our tails off and take one small step at a time.  But that’s okay.  You just can’t get discouraged.  So here I am, with my snazzy new camera that takes video and a new updated version of photoshop that I’m not really bothering to learn because I’m switching to yet another version as soon as I get my new Mac this week…but that’s a story for another blog post.  In the meantime, I think I’ll see what’s in my Hulu queue and finish my Grand Canyon pics from last summer.  I can take my next step forward on Tuesday.

Happy dreaming.


Bountiful Temple with a touch of blue.

I don’t take as many pictures of the Bountiful Temple as I should.  It’s one of my favorites, I was married there, but for some reason I don’t photograph it often.  Perhaps it’s one of those grass is greener elsewhere kind of things.  Maybe I should do a year with photographing it every month…perhaps.

I actually took this image while photographing a wedding.  This is my favorite view of the temple.  It seems so grand.  The coloring was a complete accident but I’ve ended up loving it.  I tend to not like blue.  I’ve been thinking why this morning as I blow-dried my hair (which takes forever so I had a lot of time to ponder).  I think it’s because blue to me is sad and cold.  I like warm and passionate colors.  Red is my favorite.  While I was editing the wedding from this day I think I hit auto color in Photoshop which I do every once in a blue moon just to see what will happen and at first I was like “ick”  but then I looked again and was intrigued.  I played with the blues even more then added, I think, three different textures (all with bluish casts) on top.  Messed with levels, masking, opacity, and voila!

I really like it.

As always here is the link to my Bountiful Temple images on my boutique where they are available for purchase.  Have a lovely and artistic day!