Patience is not my greatest virtue!

Y’know the part on Serenity where Mal is asked what his greatest vice is and he replies “Ah Hell… I’m a fan of all seven. But right now… I’m gonna have to go with wrath.”  Well, I probably have to go with impatience.  Like right now I have these awesome engagements and I get to design the guest sign-in book with a red, white & black color scheme and I can’t post it until MARCH!!!  Oh the humanity!  Side note there’s an awesome meme with that quote and a “hued” manatee that I saw yesterday that made me laugh uproariously, you should check it out.  AND then you have to add “Je suis manatee” which whoever gets that quote gets mental chocolate, confetti, and a gold star.  But I digress…

See this gorgeous girl?037Her name is Kenzie, she’s stunning, and her fiancé is a sweetheart and a cutie as well.  If you look at my blog header image you’ll see a beautiful hula girl, this is her!  If I’m counting correctly I believe this is our fifth shoot together.  I’ve said it before and I shall say it again, the best part of my job is not only to share the wonderful moments in people’s lives but to share them and build a relationship through the years.  I truly have a charmed life and not only am I aware of it but I treasure it greatly.

059Kenzie and Riley, I am honored beyond words to get to be part of your special day (and not just ’cause I absolutely love your ideas and color scheme – that’s just the confetti on the cupcake).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful day and I am SO excited for the next two coming up …. relatively soon. 😉

020p.s.  Thanks for running out into the middle of the street…oh how we suffer for our art! 🙂

Here is a link to more of their images on my facebook business page.  Enjoy!


Family Pix with a Cartoon Twist

45BW I met Joe while performing in The Scarlet Pimpernel  at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre last summer.  I was so so excited when he called me about doing his family/engagement images.  He is engaged to the lovely Melissa and between them they have seven kids!  They are all fun and love to goof and play so they chose a cartoon shirt theme for their images.  How cute is that?54It was so hard to pick my favorites for this post, here is a link to a few more on Facebook.

Forinash Family

{I just figured out how to link without the ginormous facebook URL, yay me!}

Hahahahahaha…this just makes me giggle, and no I did not direct it. 🙂

Do you see the lovely image of the family on some rustic wooden steps?  No?  That’s because there was a hornets nest, which led to much running and screaming…just like a cartoon.  Now all we need is an anvil!

April in Paris…well S.L.C.

035So I’m sitting in my car outside of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah after a long day of tech rehearsal and it is pouring.  Not spritzing, not sprinkling….POURING.  I sigh because I really don’t want to reschedule my shoot but although I photograph engagements all the time I know that this is my couple’s only session they’ll ever do and I so want it to be as perfect as possible for them.  I call them up and they are still good to go and you know what?  It was the most fun shoot I’ve ever done.

I know, I say that a lot.

It really was wonderful!  The rain made the colors pop.  I loved what they were wearing.  They are so cute and fun and in love that it made my cheeks hurt from smiling.  The umbrellas were a blast and it looked exactly like springtime in Paris.  I know, I’ve been there.  I also know a beautiful song that I sang with my Utah Chamber Artist group entitled April in Paris so not only did I have a wonderful shoot but there was an accompanying soundtrack running through my head…yeah, I do that.

The weather cleared and we had the most beautiful sunset.  Plus this platform is where he proposed.  It doesn’t get much more perfect than that!

150p.s.  Here’s a link to a few more on my facebook business page.

I get a new Cousin!!

41My cousin Tony is getting married to this lovely girl whose name is Rebecca {please don’t be cross if I spelled that wrong}.  I’m so excited to get a new cousin.  Cousin’s are the best and I’m lucky that I have a ton of them and that they are all fabulous {did you catch that, Jeppsons?}.  As far as the ones that marry into my family I consider them automatically cousins too which may be confusing to the outside world but it’s all good.  Having boatloads of cousins is super handy because chances are a perfect stranger knows one of them and then, Voilà, we instantly have something in common.  Don’t scoff, it happens All.The.Time.

65Rebecca is a total trooper.  She was recovering from food poisoning the day we took these but you would never have guessed it.  More importantly Tony brought her to the last Jeppson Family Fiesta and she survived.  Way to go Rebecca!  Of course you still have Christmas Eve to get through but you can always take a break in the T.V. room with my hubby if the cacophony becomes too deafening. 😉

77 copyI had fun with these images because I just picked the ones that struck my fancy and then did whatever the heck effects I felt like.  I’ve been up since 5:30 am so I’m on a roll.  The only problem will be remembering what I did if I need to re-create, especially this last one…I’m sure I can manage.

Happy April 1st to you all!

Sidenote:  I just realized this is April Fools day, right?  Just fyi nothing in this post is a joke.  Tony really is getting married…haha…that could have been a really elaborate prank!


I feel like I start all my posts about sessions with “this was the best session EVER!!”  which I understand could get really annoying.  The truth is though, that they usually are.  I have so much fun on a great photo shoot.  It doesn’t matter how stressed or strung out I am.  When I get my camera in my hands and the ideas start flowing and I hear that shutter click (I love that sound) I just get giddy.  My husband says he likes to watch me shoot because I have a huge grin on my face the whole time…I’ll take his word on it.

So fast forward to the engagement shoot that I got to do last week.  They had contacted me about ideas and mentioned go-carts.  I was so excited.  I immediately pictured racing, and kissing between the cars, and confetti at the end like they had just won.  When Annie asked me if I had any other ideas because that was a suggestion I was like “NO!! Don’t take my go-carts away from me!!”  Luckily they had no intention of doing so (whew) and we headed down to Boondocks in Kaysville to play on the go-carts AND the arcade.  I was in heaven!  Even better, they told me that Boondock’s was where they went for their first date!  I LOVE stuff like that (hint, hint future brides).  I love that we shot at a location that was meaningful and told a story.

I laughed through the entire session and when I was editing, and even now I can’t stop.  Whack-a-mole (gilmore girl reference on that one)  and the storm-trooper hahahahahaha….my cheeks hurt.  I am so excited for their wedding.  they have some fantastic ideas which I will not tell ’cause that would ruin the surprise but fair warning, you won’t want to miss those images!

p.s. Special thanks to all the Boondock’s employees that helped us out.  You were all so nice. Super special thanks to Adam and Jake, masters of the go-carts for being so patient and letting us throw confetti all over.  You were wonderful!

Ryan & Kelsi’s Engagements

I had such a lovely engagement session recently.  This is Ryan & Kelsi and they are delightful.  They both love the Salt Lake City area and decided that they wanted to have their engagement images taken in Memory Grove just east of the capital building.

I took this after I told them not to pay attention to me.  I was walking around them and looking at other angles {just in case}.  This image is one of my favorites.  I try to always remember to walk around if I can.  You never know what another viewpoint will show you.

I am in love with the colors that they chose to wear.  I love the contrast of her orange with the greenery and how it also ties into the colors in the stone.

This is my favorite spot at Memory Grove.  It’s a little tricky to get to.  Luckily Kelsi had Ryan to help her.  So sweet!

I especially wanted to get an image with as much as the Meditation Chapel in it as possible because this is where Ryan proposed!

I so love the colors they chose!

A little closer up.  It’s nice to have a variety, at least I think so. 😉

This was a “for me” image.  The sun was going down and everything was so beautiful and romantic and to me this captured that feeling.  I always try to take just a few images to satisfy my artistic soul and I was happy that they liked them too.

Ahhhh reflections…I just realized I have two kissing images in a row.  Oh well, it was a lovely night and I had such a good time.  Sessions like this always lift me up and make me feel so good.  I am so excited for their wedding in August!