The Jolly Boys


What a family, and what a location! This is in my hometown and I’ve driven past it a million times and my daughter even works here, but I had no idea what was there. Silly me! This is the Jolly Boys cabin, part of the grounds of the Huntsville Barbecue Company. There are several other little cabins there too, which I knew about, but not that they were as cute as they were. We love the food there but have always eaten take-out. No more! We must return! Especially in the summer where the evenings are magic and they have live music. Can’t wait!


p.s. This one is m y favorite.

p.p.s. The top one is called the Jolly Boys cabin because apparently back in the day, some Huntsville boys used to get together, imbibe freely, and have a good ol’ time! 🙂