Dandelions to Zombies – 122 Days of Summer

This summer I decided to document my life with a daily photo project which I titled 122 Days of Summer because well, that’s how many days there were.  I counted. 🙂
Here’s the link to the blog post introducing the project for those who may be curious.

122 Days of Summer

The images were sometimes what I was doing on a particular day, or something that caught my eye, or something I just felt like photographing that resonated with me…  whatever choice, I had fun and I recorded my days rather than let them fade by.  I love going back through the images.  So many memories.

Today, well yesterday by the time I post this, was day 122 and I ended my summer with taking my kids to the 8th annual SLC Zombie Walk benefiting the Utah Food Bank.  It was such a great event and we had a blast.

For those who may want to see them, here is the link to all 122 images…enjoy! 🙂

122 Days of Summer Album


The “New” Ogden Temple

OTemple05_27_2015 07I’ve resisted taking pictures of the new Ogden Temple.  It’s not that it isn’t pretty, I just liked the old one.  It was different (well except for it’s exact match in Provo), it had been there my whole life, and it was “my” temple.  I was nervous when they re-did it because I think some of the new designs lack pizzaz, or are two much the same.
It turned out lovely, I like that it isn’t a solid white, and the water features are beautiful…but I do miss the big pool and steps on the East side.  Those steps were great for big groups.
Oh well, hello change, I embrace you!
I went through a session in May and brought my camera for a few quick images as part of my 122 days of Summer photo project.  I didn’t expect much from the images but when I got them into Photoshop they turned out  much better than I expected.  Especially for a mid afternoon shoot (I just checked my metadata and I took these around 1:30 pm). Truthfully I was saved by the weather.  As you can see there was a storm rolling either in or out.  Thank heavens for clouds!

OTemple05_27_2015 06I always try to take a shot that’s different and I love reflections.  This image is my favorite.

If any lovely reader/viewers are interested I offer prints on my boutique.  (I offer them even if you aren’t interested…sorry, mandie humor).
Here’s the link to these and more. 🙂

Up, Up, and Away! {2015 Ogden Valley Balloon Festival}

DSC_2184It’s that time of year again!  The fall snap is in the air, the school supplies are purchased, and my beautiful balloon festival returns!  This time it returned all the way back to Eden park where it started.  It was lovely, it was perfect, and best of all, so close that we just sauntered over whenever we felt like it.  Confetti!
The organizers did a wonderful job.  We were a little nervous about being able to get around since we live so close but there were no problems at all.  Everything was just lovely!


For those who would like to see more of my balloon images I have some on Facebook
Ogden Valley Balloon Festival
and lots on my online Fine Art Boutique
but most important, come next year and see and take pictures for yourselves! 🙂


On the Shores of the Salt Lake

048This lovely lady was one of the Seniors that I was privileged to photograph this year.  I have known her for years and years so it was an honor to be a part of this exciting time in her life.  I especially love that this family is always up for something new and different, so off we headed to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, somewhere I haven’t ever photographed despite living in Utah my entire life.
I often have people follow me when I am out and about with my big camera but this was the best.  We pulled over on the side of the road so we could use the sunset and the lakefront.  We were doing some light checks when a big white van pulled up behind us and a large group of lady tourists from the Asian regions of the Earth piled out and started taking pictures of us, the lake, and themselves.  First time I’d ever seen a selfie stick in action.  They asked us to take a photo of them but by this time both my subject and I were precariously (and a bit ridiculously) perched on rocks.  Luckily my friend Sarah was able to scramble up and oblige.
The next best thing about this shoot was timing it for the birds.  Every few seconds more birds would fly by and you could see them coming. We just kept shooting until we got one with the birds that we liked.  For other tech info (for those who may care)  I’m using a speedlight mounted off camera on a monopod that my friend Sarah is holding (Sarah is also my lovely subject’s wonderful mother).  I’ve got the flash synched to my on camera flash as a slave, so when I trip the shutter my on camera flash tells the other flash to fire.  I did this because I needed flash to balance the sunset and I wanted the flash to be off camera so that it wouldn’t flatten out my subject.  Below is another image I took without the flash, using ambient light.  It’s fun, and in my opinion, better, to have more than one look! 🙂

029For a few more of her favorite images, here is the link to my facebook page.
Kirsten Davis Seniors
Fair warning for those who may want to shoot here, there are bugs, lots of them.  Also, once the sun goes down you become a mosquito smörgåsborg.  Bring repellent, or better yet, at that point, run!