My Valley

11X14_07I have the great honor of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I won’t cause contention by stating that I think it is the absolute most beautiful place…but I may or may not feel that way.  🙂
I live in a beautiful mountain valley in Utah complete with a lake in the middle.  I live where you play.  We have hiking, biking, running, all sorts of skiing, balloon festivals, farmers markets, animals of all varieties, you name it.
We also have truly great people of which this family is one of the best.  Kind, good, wonderful people.  I just love this family.  I also love that this image was taken in their yard with the valley in the background.  I especially love the barn!  Everything about this just makes me happy!


Let the Senior Photos Begin!

06This is my daughter and she will be a Senior this year (sigh).  This spring I had the honor to take quite a few Senior pictures and it made me realize that I needed to start thinking about McKenna’s pictures so I didn’t end up panicking at the last minute.  Y’know the old adage about shoemakers children not having shoes.  So I started thinking and I was like well, what about this, what about that.  Long story short, we may end up doing four different shoots which I know sounds really high maintenance but I promised McKenna we’d keep them short so it wouldn’t be too bad (she is SUCH a good sport, all this really isn’t her thing but she’s such good kid).  Anyway, I love the poppies that bloom in our valley in the spring, I love the lake and mountains, and in some images we even got our beloved wild pelicans in the background.  I couldn’t be happier, it was one of our magic summer nights.  Now to start planning the next…who am I kidding, I already know what I want to do! 😉