Pics in the Snow!


I love pictures in the snow!  Sadly it’s hard to talk people into them.  I’m not sure why.  Possibly because it’s colder, but possibly because it’s not done as often as standing in a park with flowers.
So just in case y’all need some examples to stir the creativity…
This is my cute daughter and her likewise cute friends.  We actually had a couple of snowy days (and by that I mean storms, so it’s nice and fresh and present on the branches) this winter and we were lucky enough to grab one of them.



In all the myriad classes, tutorials, webinars I partake of to further my various skills, I have been informed that I am not supposed to just post pretty pictures.  I am also supposed to offer tips, ideas, words of wisdom.  So here goes…
1.  The rules of what to wear still apply.  It’s best to stick with color schemes and/or solid colors for the biggest impact.  The girls decided on a base of black/white/grey and then colorful scarves.  they didn’t plan on purple/red/yellow it just happened.  I think it turned out great!
2.  Usually it’s not that cold after/during storms but for some reason it was this day.  I had the girls stay in the vehicle as I photographed one at a time and then they all came out for the end.  You can also have hand/feet warmers.
3.  Wear coats and then take them off just for the pictures.
4.  Wear boots…it’s just smart.
5.  Try to shoot right after a storm so the snow is fresh and clinging to branches.
6.  Don’t eat yellow snow.
093_cropHappy frolicking! 🙂


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