Peanuts & Cracker Jack


I feel {quite strongly}  that family pictures are more fun when they “mean something”.  I love when a family comes to me and wants to be photographed in a special place and/or with special props.  I just recently posted about the family that chose to be photographed in their yard with their sunflowers, in front of their antique manure spreader.

That was fun.

This is my family.  Believe it to not we just took these a couple of weeks ago before the snow hit.

We like baseball.

That’s probably an understatement.

My husband’s goal is to visit every major league stadium in the country.  We’ve had some memorable adventures on the way to that goal.  Some of my favorites were my first major league stadium visit…to Fenway Park.  Watching people in kayaks trying to catch home runs at AT&T Park while tankers floated by on the horizon.  Chase Field, the only indoor baseball stadium {retractable roof} I’ve visited.  Missing actually watching a game at Petco Park (San Diego Padres) because my son was goofing around in the hotel room and gave himself a concussion minutes before it was time to leave…got to see a little Comic-Con though so that was all sorts of awesome.

KidsAnyway, these are taken outside the Ogden Raptor’s stadium and we had a blast picking hats and jerseys and setting this up.

We’re already working on our plan for next year. 🙂




Weber State University’s Associated Actors and Technicians {AAT} presented Seminar by Theresa Rebeck last week.  It was a wonderful production directed/acted/designed/and produced by students.  Everyone did a spectacular job.  As AAT historian I got to record the merriment.  Here are a few of my favorites.





I haven’t posted them all {305}, but here’s the link to a few more on our AAT Facebook page.
Seminar {December 2014}

Happy acting to all and to all a good break!

Antique Manure Spreader

12_24 Bailey059Family pictures are best when the location and props mean something to the family.

It’s a thing.

This is the Bailey family and they chose to have their family pictures taken in our beautiful valley (see that gorgeous skyline in the background?).  In their yard, with their sunflowers, and next to an antique manure spreader that they have as a decorative fixture.  It’s the coolest thing I think I’ve ever photographed.  They chose this image for their main picture because it is so different.  Another thing that I absolutely adore.

KidsI love the different personalities of the kids.  My favorite is the image second from the right. Can you see the treehouse in the background?  That’s his treehouse that he built himself.  So much fun!

10X20 Bailey113All the personality!!  They let me play and this image just makes my day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Bailey family for such a great experience.  You were all truly a delight to work with!