Yours, Mine, and Ours.

037 I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a ring ceremony a couple weeks ago for a blended family.  Kind of like the Brady Bunch but with more kids! 046 It was such a lovely evening.  The weather was perfect, the light golden, and the atmosphere chock full of love and happiness.066 They kept everything light and casual.  They didn’t want the focus to be on a “day” but a celebration of their lives up to that point, coming together, and moving into the future,075 Each of the nine kids decorated their own cake.  It was so fun to see the creativity and different personalities shining through…really tasty cake as well. 😉 101 This was a quiet moment for the bride and groom that I snuck up on.  Unposed, genuine moments are my favorite.151 This couple is so loving.  While they were dating they would text each other song lyrics that they felt pertained to their relationship or how they were feeling at any particular time.  Here we listened to a song the bride felt represented their relationship moving forward while the groom read the words.  It gives me chills right now remembering how beautiful this moment was.177There is no feeling of “mine” and “your” kids with this couple.  The kids are “our” kids.  I was so impressed by that.  By how comfortable the kids were with either parent and each other.
232The more weddings I photograph, the more I love the casual relaxed days that are more a celebration of love than a big production.
242 My face hurt from laughing.  This family is going to have a lot of fun together.246Sometimes you just have to grab your man and kiss him! Love this! 🙂