Union Station Bridals. Riley and Kenzie


I love Historic 25th Street and the Union Station in Ogden.  I’m not exactly sure why.  It could be because I am passionate about stories and storytelling in all its forms.  I love hearing about how it was illegal to carry a violin case on the street until surprisingly recently because gangsters used to use them to conceal weapons.  I love the historic feel and eclectic look.  There’s also that element of a journey to train stations.  Goings and comings, exciting adventures, change, growth, exploration.


I was so excited when my last bride told me she was going to have her wedding reception at the Union Station and that she wanted to do her Engagements and Bridals there as well.  The location and the couple and the color scheme…I was in heaven.  Some times you just need events like those.  Pure bliss!  It reminds you why you do what you do in the first place.

So here are a few of my favorites  from the Bridals, or as I call them, the Couple Pre-Session, because the groom came along as well.  I think this is so smart.  It gives you less stress for the day of the wedding and we have more time to play and usually much better lighting.  Stay tuned for their wedding storyline album!  🙂


p.s. This last one is my very most favoritest.  🙂