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This post could also be titled What I Did During Christmas Break 2013″.

This is my latest short, it’s not perfect but I’m proud of it.  Filming was done last summer but I did the editing over the past couple weeks during Christmas break.  Special thanks to Christopher White for doing the sound, you are amazing!

I don’t know exactly when/how I got the idea for this film.  I’m one of those weird people that have stories in their head all the time and some just stick.  Which means I have to tell them or they will drive me crazy.  These little projects I’ve been working on are warm-ups for a bigger story that I’ve had in mind for several years but that one, I really want to do right.  My plan is to storyboard it this spring and start principal photography over the summer (2014).

But I digress, back to The Game.  I wanted to show the magic of a little boy’s imagination and how the world in his head is more real than the “real” one.  If you don’t know what I mean, see Calvin and Hobbes, which I consider the best comic strip ever.

Anyway, I hereby present my heart and soul to the world.


The Game