Harris Family 01 w/puppies My awesome clients brought puppies to their family session.  First we did all the regular family shots and individuals of each of the kids and then they brought out the puppies to play.  They are so sweet and so mellow!  The image you see above was just one of those experiments…I love it.116Here’s the link to a few more images on facebook. 🙂


Does it look like we’re in a field of wheat?

019My cute client wanted to shoot in a field of wheat.  Being a small-town girl I knew we would have trouble with that.  My grandpa did NOT let us play in the alfalfa.  Plus, the fields all got baled AND the wild grasses this year are very scarce because it’s been so dry.  I was a little panicked about a location when I saw that my neighbor had a little corner of their yard with this …whatever it is exactly, and she was willing to let us use it.  She (and my client) seemed doubtful, but I was pretty darn sure it would work (pressure).  Anyway.  Can you tell we are in this tiny little weed patch in my neighbor’s yard?  {Just say no, just say no!}

My client wanted warm, golden light and a more casual feel and I think we achieved that.  I’m really happy with how they turned out.  I kinda fell in love with this image of their little girl.  I love the light and the naturalness of it. {She’s a squirmer}

078Backstory on the couch.  This belonged to my great-grandma Rubie who was a firecracker.  My grandma asked me if I wanted it and I thought sure, I can use it for pictures.  But now I’ve fallen in love with it so I’m not sure if I will keep using it as a prop.  I probably will.  It’s a great neutral, especially with the golden backlit grasses.  My daughter and I carried this down the street to my neighbor’s house.  {Neighbor in the Valley isn’t quite the same as neighbor somewhere else}.  We would get tired and put it down by the side of the road and sit for awhile…got some funny looks from the big tractor-trailer drivers that drove by on their way to new construction going on in our neighborhood.  It was worth carrying it just for that.

Here’s a link to more of their images on my facebook page.

Ashton Family

Happy Shooting! 🙂

I’m so in love with her hair!

02BW_8X10 This is Betsy and she is one of the coolest, nicest, most amazing people in the world.  You know those people who you just think, Wow, I want to be like them when I grow up?  Yep, that’s Betsy.  I told her that and she just laughed and said that she hadn’t grown up yet.

Here’s the story of how I met Betsy.  I had seen her around because we both have church in the same building and I had of course noticed her because of her fantastic hair (I love it so much).  But the first time I really truly met Betsy and her husband was on a very foggy Sunday morning.  I was driving to church with my family when suddenly the car in front of us swerved across the oncoming lane of traffic and tipped onto its side in a cold, icy ditch.  It was so surreal, I still have no idea why it happened and I don’t remember that the people ever gave a reason.  Betsy and her husband have both been involved in the military and they were the epitome of calm take charge, get it done.  Her husband made sure they were ok, told them to turn off the car and waded into the ditch to help pull them out.  My husband must have helped too but all I remember is standing there thinking “Wow!”.  Luckily no one was hurt.

Of course that has nothing to do with headshots, but I love a good story.  Betsy wanted to update her Linkedin profile and I was thrilled to get the chance to work with her.  She is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, and I love, love, love her hair!!