School Break Photo Special

I’ve been neglecting my camera while in school this summer, and since my photography is how I communicate with the world, I’ve been feeling like something has died.

So, I decided to have a special during the break before fall semester starts. The details are in the photo below.  Please call or email me if you have any questions.  I try to make everything really simple, but simple in my head doesn’t necessarily mean simple to others…isn’t that weird?

Here’s a link to some location ideas that I’ve put together, but there are lots more possibilities and I’m willing to go anywhere in the Valley or the nearby Ogden/Morgan/North Ogden area. 🙂

Page03_webHere’s a link to more of my Headshot work, just in case you’d like it.


Small Town July 4th

I’m learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing right.  For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to know other programs too.  On this past July 4th I took some footage with the idea of making a short using iMovie.  I wanted it to look “not slick”, like it belonged in a small town.  The 4th of July is my favorite holiday and I think my home town of Huntsville UT is the very best place to celebrate the 4th.

Here’s the link.  Enjoy.

Music by One Wood Uke

And if you want to do a good deed, I would love subscribers.  My channel is very new.  I don’t post often, so I promise I won’t clog up your feed.

The Salt Lake Temple, in Spring, at Twilight.

04_13_2013 SLCTempleI tend to not realize I’m missing something until it becomes painful.  This is not the best way to live…moderation in all things and all that.  If I was more aware I could be careful and not  find myself suddenly feeling like I have a gigantic hole in my chest.  Melodramatic I know, but that’s how it is.

I’ve been scary busy with school and so have been neglecting my beloved camera shamefully.  Since my photography is one of the primary ways I communicate with the world it feels like I’ve been cut off from humanity.

I really should pay better attention.

Second block of summer semester finds me with one class instead of three, so I am trying to catch up and fortify myself for the next go-round.  Sidenote:  To keep me sane, I will be offering a killer photo session special during the break before fall semester but I’ll post more on that later.  Just heads up.  Anyway, I spent the weekend on this image of the Salt Lake LDS temple that I’ve been itching to work on since April.  I’m kind of in love with how it turned out.  Twilight is one of two favorite times of the day for me.  I love the streetlights coming on while the sky turns a deep blue and the sunset sings.  It’s magical.  The trees that night were covered with beautiful blossoms and while you can’t see them in detail I like how the branches echo the pink of the sunset.

04_13_2013 SLCTemple 8X10Here’s an 8X10/16X20 crop of the same image.  I have such a hard time cropping because I fall in love with the original format.  I think something in me is drawn to that 2X3 aspect ratio.  My favorite size for images for my own walls is a 24X36 but the 8X10 equivalent is so much easier to find frames for, so I crop it to be helpful to my fine art customers.

Which do you prefer?

p.s. Here’s the link to these images and more at my online fine art boutique.


So Mormons Can’t Dance

212Living in Utah it isn’t often that I get questions on what I can or can’t do as a member of the LDS faith, or Mormons as most people call us.  So I was taken by surprise when my cute Sundance roomie asked if we could dance.  Yes, yes we can.  That doesn’t mean we necessarily dance well, but yes we can, in fact, dance.

I tend to cringe a bit when people tell me they are going to have dancing at their wedding receptions.  Too many instances of an empty dance floor for my comfort.  I can see why people don’t think we dance.  It probably has a lot to do with the lack of liquid courage at most LDS receptions.  So what should you do if you really want dancing at a reception?

Hire my family.

Seriously, we are fantastically nuts.  My cousin Tony got married at the end of May and they had dancing at their reception.  I’m afraid the Jeppsons took over the floor.  It was such a fun night.  The pic above is my lovely Grandmother struttin’ her stuff down the line.  It was one of those nights where you dance like you’re not going to be tagged on Facebook.  That being said, here’s a link to fbook for more Jeppson family dancing fun.  Enjoy!

Joni & Jason’s Wedding Album


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Joni {Lund} and Jason Saunders had such a wonderful wedding.  It was a day full of family and friends, love and laughter.  Even mother nature smiled on them, waiting until they left the parking lot after their reception before unleashing … Continue reading