Much Ado about Much Ado

MuchAdoI am in the middle of finals but if I don’t blog about this movie my head will explode.  I have been so so SO excited to see Joss Whedon‘s adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.  I adore his work just shy of the line of being creepy, add Nathan Fillion and there isn’t much more I could ask for.  I was lucky enough to see a special advanced screening of it last night (thank you Ben) and my world will never be the same.  It’s like they went inside my head and made a movie to be exactly what I aspire to.  It’s a little alarming in a way because now it’s been done, but I’m not going to think about that.  The words of course are brilliant, the acting was phenomenal, the cinematography…..angles…textures…nuance…passion…ARGH I don’t have words!  It was just pure deliciousness to the soul.  Ok, this comparison might work.  Y’know when someone makes better than sex cake and you take a bite and you’re like ummmm this doesn’t really taste that great which makes it so wrong on so many levels…well…if this movie was that cake it would sooooooo live up to it’s name and would probably be outlawed.  At least in polite company. 😉

images-1p.s.  Nathan Fillion is beyond delightful…jic you were wondering.