Congratulations Rebecca and Tony!

06_BMy fabulous cousin Tony got married last Thursday {it was so much fun, my family is crazy awesome!!} and I was so excited that I finally got to post the Couple Pre-session images when I realized I hadn’t posted the Engagement images.  Bad Mandie!  So here is the link to the Engagements.

and here is the link to the Couple Pre-Session/Bridal Images

Wow!  If anyone knows how to make those links less hideously long, I’d love the info!

Anyway, here is my favorite,  I call it the Gone with the Wind image.

111Best yet, I get a new cousin! 🙂


Congratulations Joni and Jason!

DSC_3918Congratulations to a wonderful couple!  Joni and Jason got married last Friday (May 17th) and it was a beautiful day!  My favorite part?  How the rain that had been threatening all day waited until they had literally just driven out of the reception parking lot and BAM!  Boy did it hit!  If you could hear the pitter-patter of little feet over the storm that was the videographer and I bolting for the indoors.  Such a fun day!

Even better, I can finally reveal the Bridals.  We had such a lovely time at Memory Grove in Salt Lake City photographing Joni’s bridals.  The best part was the blossoms.  I knew Joni wanted blossoms and when I pulled up to see all the trees in full bloom I had to do a full on happy dance!  Here is my favorite of the bridals and a link to more on Facebook.


Thoughts on the Secret Garden

919022_637010136324558_765804957_oPhoto  by Ron Russell

I didn’t expect The Secret Garden to be a life-changing show.  I didn’t even expect to like it all that much.  I’ve done it before and friends can attest that to me it was always the only show I’ve ever done where I was actually bored while doing it.  I auditioned for a few vague reasons.  I’d heard the director, Jim Christian, was brilliant (and he is).  I thought it might be a good fit for my voice (and it is).  I thought it might be the last chance for me to do a show for a loooooong time if ever (don’t want to think about that).  I never expected it to be one of the best theatrical experiences of my career.

Why one of the best?  A multitude of reasons, starting with the people.  I’ve never worked with a cast, crew, and production team with this level of professionalism. I’m spoiled forever!  Everyone works so hard and is so positive.  Our time was respected and we were able to get an amazing amount done in such a small time that I was shocked. I remember being panicked that we only had six weeks but that is all we needed.  I’ve also watched as people have genuinely shown concern and love for each other.  There were a few instances when help was needed and people rushed in to take care of each other.

It’s also a beautiful story with beautiful music.  Love, forgiveness, redemption.  It is an honor to be a part of bringing this story to an audience.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that I really really really LOVE my costume!!

I’ve started trying to find a lesson learned with the shows that I am doing.  For this show the lesson has been that not only will everything work out the way it is supposed to but that I am exactly where I am meant to be.  I was uber stressed this week with school starting.  I didn’t realize that summer blocks were a regular terms in half the time and I couldn’t see a possible way of doing all that I was asked to do.  I was completely panicked and stressed and miserable.  I thought about asking my counter to do the rest of my shows.  Before we go onstage the cast says a prayer in the Green Room asking for help to touch the hearts and uplift those in the audience who are in need.  Wednesday night I needed it.  As my heart was uplifted and I was comforted I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was where I needed to be and on the path I was meant for.  If there was ever any doubt in my mind about the path I’ve chosen to study it’s gone now.  To be able to share even an eighth of the comfort, inspiration, and uplift that I receive through theatre (music etc.) with either audience or students is a life worth living.