Just Keep Swimming

08_24_2012 DraperFinal I realize this is about my third post with these Draper temple pictures, and for that I apologize.  Sort of.  When I have an image I’m just not sure about I leave it for awhile to allow my subconscious to do it’s thing and then I come back later.  I did that with this image for about a week and every time I opened it up I was actually startled because it didn’t look like how I thought it did, which is a sure sign that something is off.  So after about a week of tweaking and thinking and tweaking and thinking I finally got it to match what was in my head and now I hereby declare that I am DONE!  Ironically I still have two versions that I can’t decide between because I decided to mess with a filter that turns your images into oil paintings, but I’m ok with that. 😉08_24_2012 DraperpaintFinal


HDR First Attempts…not too bad.

07_17_2012 SanDiego

I’ll try to keep this post super short because I’m having one of those “so crazy busy I kinda want to cry days”.  I’ve been wanting to try HDR for awhile, mainly because I didn’t know how and that bugs me, secondly it is often a cool effect for cityscapes which I love.  These are my first attempts.  I took these images last summer with the idea that I would be trying HDR soonish.  I thought I was doing what I needed to but I wasn’t really.  Still, they’re not bad.  My favorites are the San Diego and Draper LDS Temples.  The Newport Beach Temple bothers me so I may try to redo it.  The Dodger Stadium image I don’t like at all but I think that one’s a lost cause.

07_20_2012 AngelStadiumThe one thing I’m very happy about it that I’m doing this all entirely in Photoshop.  I’m not using a third party plug in.  I know, I know, that would be a ton faster but I kind of feel like that’s cheating a little.  Perhaps I may one day change my mind but for now if I’m creating art I feel like I should spend time on it.  A lot of time.

Maybe that’s just me.

08_24_2012 Draper2It’s interesting how much difference having a cloudy sky makes.  I think my favorite part of the San Diego Temple image is the clouds.  I’ll have to ponder that some more.

07_18_2012 DodgersJust such a bright, flat midday light….I tried, but you can’t win ’em all.

07_18_2012 NewportSo what do you think?  Love ’em, hate ’em?  I’d really like to know.  I’ve found people can be passionately for or against when it comes to HDR.

Though it’s always good to try something new.

For now I’m only putting the Draper and San Diego Temple images on my website, along with Angel Stadium.  Here’s the link


I’ll be adding more and more so feel free to check back often (shameless self-promotion plug)!

An Angel’s Wedding

RussellOn Friday February 15, 2013 I had a lovely evening photographing the wedding of an angel.  The term angel being descriptive of a wonderful patron of the arts, more specifically, of my beloved CenterPoint Legacy Theatre.

See, our main rehearsal hall is named after him which I think is a delightfully fun thing to have named after one.photo

It was such a nice wedding, a second wedding for both the bride and groom, and as a mother of two daughters I was definitely taking notes.  The venue was the Eldredge Manor in Bountiful and it is lovely.  The guests were limited to close friends and family and the bride was attended by her two adorable granddaughters.  After the ceremony there was a dinner catered by the venue where the couples children each presented a basket full of fun things that were used to tell the guests a little about their parents.

The more weddings I photograph the more I am falling in love with the simple {and beautiful} occasions where the focus is on the love of those closest to the couple.

Congratulations Ron and Shelly on the BEGINNING of your story! 😉