Sundance 2013: Shoot, Edit, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

I have been dragging my feet a bit writing this post just because there is SO much to say and I’m not really sure how much of it people want to hear.  However it’s time to take the plunge so here goes.  First of all yes, I have seen celebrities at least one of which I recognized all by myself and didn’t have to be told who they were…moving on.  For Sundance 2013 I am working for the Creative Services Department of the Sundance Institute as a full-time Park City photographer.  So what that means is that I have a daily schedule of events that I cover, average of 3 or so a day and then I have an extensive shot list that I need to capture between events as well as, of course, being on the look out for anything interesting.  Our shot list includes pretty much everything you can think of.  Images of venues, signage, people having fun, volunteer/staff doing their jobs, etc. etc.  When I have breaks between events I rush back to edit and turn in my images as fast as I can and then head back out.  I haven’t yet seen any films as it’s really hard to find a three-hour block of time free but I am hoping to go see Austenland on Thursday.  The other film I wanted to see is Twenty Feet from Stardom but I’ve missed it.  Fortunately the director was at a shindig I photographed and he announced that the film has been picked up so I will hopefully see it in the future.  For the sake of a storyline I think I will just go through the festival as I’ve experienced it.

01_15_2013 Sundance30I arrived in Park City on Tuesday Jan. 15th and checked in.  I was trying to shoot check-in while I actually checked in and that didn’t go over too well as I didn’t yet have my credentials.  So I grabbed the credential, shot as I went, and then finished checking in.  It was a challenge to manage all my gear and all the stuff they were handing me but I prevailed AND got the shots.

CredsThese are my credentials and I love them so!  I can get into pretty much anything I want, it’s fun!  As you walk around the festival people look at you and then you notice their eyes migrating down.  No, they aren’t being pigs, they want to see who you are.  It makes me giggle in my head every time.

Wednesday the 16th found me on a tour of Park City with the other photographers and our drivers.  Yes, that’s right, I have a driver.  Though to be honest I mostly get myself to where I need to go by either using the shuttles or walking.  You miss the whole festival ambiance {in my humble opinion} if you get driven everywhere.  I love festival ambiance.  Here’s a cell phone pic of the Creative Services champagne toast to kick off the festival.

toastWe had an opening night Volunteer/Staff party at the Legacy Lodge.  Sundance knows how to treat you here.  It was crazy packed and yes I minorly panicked with my claustrophobia but all in all it was a lovely night.

volpartyMy best friend Josh {who is the one who got me involved with Sundance in the first place} and I got to redeem our photo booth experience from two years ago.  I love us!

volparty201_17_2013 Artist_Table76My first official event was the An Artist at the Table Reception.  It is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Sundance.  Here you see festival director John Cooper kicking off the festival with a champagne toast.

01_17_2013 DayOne33After that was the Day One Party, again at the Legacy Lodge for all the importants.  Another mad crush which led me to traversing {and getting lost in} the back stairwells and kitchens and who knows where else.  The kind staff helped me get out.

One of my events on the 18th was the The Gatekeepers Q&A at the Temple theatre.  I only got to see the last few minutes of the film but it looked very intense and the Q&A made me want to see it.  I understand that Direcor Dror Moreh has been nominated for an Oscar.  He’s very nice in person.

01_18_2013 GatekeepersQA25On the 19th I was able to photograph the Q&A for Inequality for All and once again the questions made me want to see this very much.  Many members in the audience said that they were moved to tears.  Here’s the official Sundance blurb.

“In this timely and entertaining documentary, noted economic policy expert Robert Reich distills the topic of widening income inequality and addresses the question of what effects this increasing gap has on our economy and our democracy.

In this image Robert Reich is holding the microphone and director Jacob Kornbluth is on the right.

01_19_2013 Inequality20I also took time Saturday night to wander up and down main street enjoying the insanity and taking atmosphere shots.  I had a blast!  People are nuts and I got to be nuts right along.  Drag queens, people filming, people jumping in front of people filming, jay walking every second, celebrity chasers, running into my brother who’s up here working for Deseret News and a really really really nice gentleman who saw that my hands where freezing and gave me the nicest ever pair of convertible fingerless gloves.  Whoever you are I’d love you to know that there is nothing in the entire world that I wanted/needed more at that moment than those gloves and I am determined to pay your kindness forward.

01_19_2013 MainStreet20On the 20th I photographed the Patron Circle reception.  Morgan Neville, the director of Twenty Feet from Stardom {which I really, really want to see}  announced that it has been picked up.  Yay!

01_20_2013 PCircle57This brings us to yesterday {the 21st, and thank heavens we’re getting close to being caught up}.  This was my busiest day so far with four events.  My last one was the Q&A for Narco Cultura, a documentary by director Shaul Schwarz about the rising influence of Mexican drug cartels in popular culture on both sides of the border.  The Q&A made me want to see this one too, I really like documentaries.

01_21_2013 NCultura10So that brings me to today, the 22nd and of course I’ve glossed over a lot but hopefully this all gives you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to.  I’ve met some amazing, talented, and interesting people and had many an adventure.  Today I got to hang out in the Music Cafe and then tonight I’m shooting the Shorts Program Awards and Party presented by YouTube but more on that later.  For now, it’s a bite to eat and some more mad editing.  Happy Festival!


New Years!

Ah a sparkling new year, all shiny {yes, firefly reference} and filled with promise and renewed determination.  I won’t bore you with my resolutions but I’ll throw in the photographically relevant goal I’m working on.  I MUST catch up on my family pictures.

Now I was doing great for YEARS back when everyone was scrapbooking before social media.  No, I don’t scrapbook, people used to ask me that all the time, and I would feel kinda like I was being judged.   I would look at their lovely page decorated with backgrounds and ribbons and borders and chads upon which resided two MAYBE three images.  Then I would look at my stack of hundreds (I am NOT exaggerating this time) of pictures and just sigh.  I used to use those photo albums that you could just slip your prints into with spaces above for dates and captions.  I did a family album and then one for each kid.  I was a dynamo!  It was also expensive but worth it! (my hubby might not agree)

Well, my albums started to disappear and the ones I could find got pricier and pricier until they too followed the path of the dodo.  I went for several years taking pictures and just stockpiling them on my computer (worry not, I made copies on disc) and got further and further behind trying to decide what to do.

And then {insert angel sound and beam of light}  scrapbooking went digital! Now I can design my happy little albums in photoshop, upload them to my handy lab and voila!  A lovely family album just for me!  I love them so much.  I can put as many or as few images per page as I want.  I can add backgrounds and “cutesy” elements or go for simple and elegant.  I can even design the cover.  I can do WHATEVER I WANT!!! Joy!

Sidenote:  I use the lay flat albums and press books from Miller’s Lab.  The pages open and lay flat so that there is no gutter and I can design a continuous page spread that goes all the way across.  I researched rather exhaustively to find exactly what I wanted and I am SO happy. { Oh and they can up to 60 pages}

Y’all will be happy to know that I finished my album for June 2008 through September 2010 (don’t judge) and am now working on my second album where I am up to July 2011.  Yippee!  I’m getting closer and as January/February is a slow time for photographers {people tend to feel pastey, chubby, and poor}  I should so be able to catch up.

You may ask why even bother with photo albums when there is facebook…*horrified gasp then climbs up on soap box* I heard a quote once that there are two kinds of people in this world.  People who have had a catastrophic computer data loss and people who will have one in the future.  This may be extreme but I have friends who have lost all of their pictures and I myself lost a bunch of data once.  Meh.  Plus I love to sit down and pick up my albums and look at them.  Most of my family pictures and stories I honestly don’t upload for the world to see, they are private.  *Climbs down from soapbox*  But to each their own!

So here are a few of the pages I’ve done {I won’t bore you with them all} but I will say to all best wishes on your resolution, goals, and endeavors and may you have a wonderful New Year!