Who doesn’t love to twirl?

“Sugar and spice, and everything nice.  that’s what little girls are made of!”

What better way to close out my blogging year than with my last session of the year?  I don’t usually shoot into December especially when it’s for Christmas but I’m so glad I made an exception this year.  There was a bit of panic and late nights but we got these images done in time for presents.  In my world it doesn’t get much better than images {memories} for Christmas.

We lucked out with the weather.  I don’t think, looking at these pictures, that you can tell that they were taken in December, can you?  I also got to try a new location which I love.  I wonder if I’d like these as well without the leaves on the ground contrasting with the green grass and darker grey of the trees?  Add the mist {well fog}  that was just the perfect amount that day and you get a little magic.  Yes, it was chilly but there was a warm van for the kids to take breaks in and of course, nothing warms one up like running around having fun!

Thank you Garn family for a lovely ending to a wonderful year.  And to all who are so kind as to keep up with my blog there are all sorts of crazy happening on the horizon.  I look forwards to sharing them with you.  Keep dreaming and keep shooting!

Happy New Year!


Love & Laughter

I absolutely loved this wedding.  There was such a wonderful feeling about it.  It was fun and relaxed and easy.  It was also beautiful.  Everyone was happy and kind.  I was made to feel right at home.  I loved designing the album which is my favorite part of every wedding.  I love to organize the hundreds of images into the story of the day.  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing while I was working.  I decided the theme for this wedding was love and laughter and used that as a design element throughout the album.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Adams and Christensen families for letting me be a part of such a wonderful, wonderful day!

Here is a link to the album on my facebook page just in case it’s easier for you to see it there.


More Fun than I Used to Think

This handsome gent is my brother Ben.  He’s a snazzy writer for the Deseret News {Education beat}  and needed an updated headshot.  There are more on my facebook business page. Headshots

It’s hard to chose a favorite but I’m a sucker for black and white.  Also a tip:  some social media have your profile image be square so it’s always good to shoot a few with that in mind.  The last one I posted on my page of Ben is in square format.  I especially like that one.

01_BW8X10I used to think studio style headshots were kinda boring but now they are one of my most favorite sessions.  Why?  I have no idea.  Some theories?  Well, without backgrounds to worry about the focus is completely on the person and their personality.  I like that.  I like focusing on the eyes, it’s all about the eyes.  I’m a sucker for clean simplicity.  It’s a collaboration, which is fun.  I go back and forth from shooting to showing the person their images on the back of my camera and we work together with what they like and what makes them feel like the images are really “them”.  We also usually have a fun chat session.  It’s fun to go to plays, look at the program and “Hey, I took that one…and that one…and that one…”

I like headshots.

Just fyi for my theatre/film friends.  I’m going to be doing my headshot special again in March.  I’ll remind you all as it gets closer.  Oh, and everyone is invited! 🙂