Bountiful Temple with a touch of blue.

I don’t take as many pictures of the Bountiful Temple as I should.  It’s one of my favorites, I was married there, but for some reason I don’t photograph it often.  Perhaps it’s one of those grass is greener elsewhere kind of things.  Maybe I should do a year with photographing it every month…perhaps.

I actually took this image while photographing a wedding.  This is my favorite view of the temple.  It seems so grand.  The coloring was a complete accident but I’ve ended up loving it.  I tend to not like blue.  I’ve been thinking why this morning as I blow-dried my hair (which takes forever so I had a lot of time to ponder).  I think it’s because blue to me is sad and cold.  I like warm and passionate colors.  Red is my favorite.  While I was editing the wedding from this day I think I hit auto color in Photoshop which I do every once in a blue moon just to see what will happen and at first I was like “ick”  but then I looked again and was intrigued.  I played with the blues even more then added, I think, three different textures (all with bluish casts) on top.  Messed with levels, masking, opacity, and voila!

I really like it.

As always here is the link to my Bountiful Temple images on my boutique where they are available for purchase.  Have a lovely and artistic day!


2 thoughts on “Bountiful Temple with a touch of blue.

  1. I really like it. I do like warm colors too, but this blue is very inviting. When the post came up, my first impression was, “oooh how pretty.” I love that temple and really love this photo! The layers texture are cool. It reminds me of silkscreen.

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