I feel like I start all my posts about sessions with “this was the best session EVER!!”  which I understand could get really annoying.  The truth is though, that they usually are.  I have so much fun on a great photo shoot.  It doesn’t matter how stressed or strung out I am.  When I get my camera in my hands and the ideas start flowing and I hear that shutter click (I love that sound) I just get giddy.  My husband says he likes to watch me shoot because I have a huge grin on my face the whole time…I’ll take his word on it.

So fast forward to the engagement shoot that I got to do last week.  They had contacted me about ideas and mentioned go-carts.  I was so excited.  I immediately pictured racing, and kissing between the cars, and confetti at the end like they had just won.  When Annie asked me if I had any other ideas because that was a suggestion I was like “NO!! Don’t take my go-carts away from me!!”  Luckily they had no intention of doing so (whew) and we headed down to Boondocks in Kaysville to play on the go-carts AND the arcade.  I was in heaven!  Even better, they told me that Boondock’s was where they went for their first date!  I LOVE stuff like that (hint, hint future brides).  I love that we shot at a location that was meaningful and told a story.

I laughed through the entire session and when I was editing, and even now I can’t stop.  Whack-a-mole (gilmore girl reference on that one)  and the storm-trooper hahahahahaha….my cheeks hurt.  I am so excited for their wedding.  they have some fantastic ideas which I will not tell ’cause that would ruin the surprise but fair warning, you won’t want to miss those images!

p.s. Special thanks to all the Boondock’s employees that helped us out.  You were all so nice. Super special thanks to Adam and Jake, masters of the go-carts for being so patient and letting us throw confetti all over.  You were wonderful!


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