Extravaganza with a BYU theme!

My friend’s parents have birthdays within a week of each other.  They were both celebrating their 60th birthdays and are huge BYU fans so what better way to party than with a BYU themed extravaganza?!  My friend organized the whole shebang (along with a lot of help) and it was a fantastic evening.  I was so proud of him and you’d better believe I told him so.  When I got there to set up I couldn’t believe the decorations.  Everything was BYU!  There were BYU shirts and hats all over the walls (such a great idea).  Tents were set up for the food to look like a tailgate party and that was the food theme.  Hot dogs, nachos, home made root beer, oh my!  I loved the glowing Y on the wall and the Cosmo cut out that Jonathon had had express shipped to have all the guests take their pictures with.

There were family and friends there from all over and boy were his parents surprised!  After dinner the “candles”  were blown out (no open flames in the church) and the yummiest cake and ice cream were served while a few family members shared funny memories of the guests of honor.  The evening ended with my friend singing For Good for his parents.  He told me that he knew his Mom would want him to and so my favorite image of the night is the one of him singing while his Mom watches in the background.  I’ve heard him sing a lot and I tell you truly that that was the best I’ve ever heard him.



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