Swimsuit Disaster Averted!

I have to give a quick recommendation for the wonderful people at Hapari.  I dread swimsuit shopping and now that I have two basically teenage daughters (12 and 14) it’s even more stressful.  My daughters needed new swimsuits this year and it’s important to me that they be modest.  I searched online and purchased suits but when they arrived they weren’t the right size It was my fault entirely, my girls are really hard to fit right now.  Anyway, we found out that they were opening a new store in Kaysville so we stopped there on our way home from LDS General Conference last Saturday.  I was completely confused and frazzled but the girls at the store took care of everything.  Jaden (who usually works at the American Fork store)  was especially fantastic, I couldn’t have done it without her.  My girls talked all the way home about how nice and fun she was.  She helped them pick out what looked best on them.  They are thrilled and I can relax.  Above is the suit my 14 year old chose but she added shorts.

To the right is the suit my 12 year old chose but she went with the skirt that Jaden recommended and it’s perfect!

If you are looking for modest suits that are cute and Girl’s Camp approved I can’t recommend Hapari enough!


One thought on “Swimsuit Disaster Averted!

  1. I’m excited to see their suits at Bear Lake! Do they have adult sizes too? I could definitely use a new swimsuit. One of my favorites here broke and let’s just say that it was a swimsuit disaster that SHOULD have been avoided. Oh yes, I may have flashed little kids that were swimming around me when coming up from a wave the right half of my suit didn’t follow. Eek! Hopefully my long hair covered the unexpected “wardrobe malfunction.”

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