Photowalk 2012 {Utah Photography}

A few weeks ago I went to the annual Photowalk event where some wonderful volunteers put together different lighting stations complete with models and you could practice these different set-ups to your heart’s content. I have been invited in years past but this is the first year that I’ve gone (it’s a rather long drive for me). When I got there the event was already in full swing and I made a note to self to arrive at the start next year instead of awhile into the event because it was PACKED!! There were about ten different stations and for the set-ups involving strobes you had to wait your turn to use the triggers so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hit every set-up. I wandered for a bit to get my bearings then headed for the continuous light set-up showcasing a gorgeous gent and a piano. Yeah, I would, I know.

I would go to a station and think to myself “What do I want to say here” and go from there. In this case I wanted a much more moody look. I know, I love drama, mood, theatre. It’s just who I am. I felt there was a lot more light here than I wanted so I turned him around on the bench for more of a split light effect. I saw this set-up as very dark with maybe a beam of light from a snooted-off camera speedlight edging across his face, but that’s just my interpretation.

Next I heard an announcement that there was a set-up next door with really dramatic theatrical make-up so yes, I made a beeline for that and though the wait was long it was definitely worth it. This set up was my favorite.

It was fun to find out that the model on the left is one that I have worked with before and really like. I didn’t recognize her at first with all the make-up. Shocker, right?

When I walked back in to the main room there was no one at this station and I was tired of lines so I jumped in. It was also natural light so several photographers could shoot at a time so that was nice. It was challenging to get the shots that you wanted that day when you knew people were waiting behind you and you needed to be quick. You really had to visualize your concept while in line and work fast. I shoot with a tripod and that was tricky and slowed me down but I do NOT care what people think. I am very picky and I want my images tack sharp, especially the eyes. I tried to not use my tripod sometimes, like on the image above which was a grab test shot that of course ended up being my favorite and it’s too soft which makes me mad at myself. The background on the above shot was a sort of teal blue which is perfectly fine but I personally loathe as a color so I knew I would be going to black and white which for some reason reminded me of a CK underwear ad so that’s sort of the direction I went.

Next up I HAD to do the rock-star style set up. Too much fun! Again I went a lot darker that the settings that they had posted and then even darker in post production. It’s just what I saw in my head.

*laughing* The above image was taken by Jeremy Nicoll, a fellow shooter, while another photographer was up. I was a “groupie” for several different people. It was fun being a prop and I’m always up for stuff like that. 🙂

I loved the tribal make-up and her outfit and props were killer. Once again I wanted to go a LOT darker so that’s what I did. I guess it was just the mood that I was in that day. Maybe I just always see thing in terms of being on stage with a single spotlight. I don’t know, I’m going to have to give it some thought.

Last, but most definitely not least, I had to hit the high key all white background set-up by David Terry if only just to say hi to him. There was only about five minutes of the event left so I barely made it and had to be super quick but it was fun and hey, this one isn’t dark so I feel better. 🙂

All in all it was a wonderful, pure chocolate, sort of a day. I got to stretch the creative muscles and see a lot of my fellow photographers which is always nice. I also got to meet a lot of “friends” in person and that was fun. Will I go next year? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Here is a link to more of my model work on my website.


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