Valenzuela Beloved Session {Utah Photography}

What is a Beloved Session? I am so glad you asked. Beloved Sessions are designed to show connections and relationships. This genre of photography originated with the amazingly talented Jesh de Rox. I came across an article about the meaning behind his work and was hooked. I couldn’t wait to shoot a session of my own and I knew that this couple would be perfect. They are just so darn gorgeous and so in love with each other. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Beloved Sessions certainly don’t have to be of a couple. I have seen some truly beautiful artwork of a parent and child as well as other relationships. It’s all about showing the connections between people…I think it would be fun to do a session with a group of really close friends.

I just love how the shot above turned out. The texture of the trees is fantastic. I wanted an almost fairytale look for this one. With all of them I was looking for soft, almost dreamy quality, and a whole lotta love!

I am such a sucker for lens flare but I really try hard not to overdo it!

I only posted a few here, there are more on my facebook page, here is the link…!/media/set/?set=a.10150347414668727.345247.111853783726&type=3

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


Seven Down…Eighteen to Go!! {Utah Photography}

October 2011 marked the one year anniversary of me earnestly working towards my Master Of Photography degree through Professional Photographers of America (PPA). To earn said degree you have to earn twenty-five merits, thirteen of which MUST be print merits and twelve CAN be service/education merits. It arduous, it’s expensive, and it’s awesome! I attended this Super Monday workshop sponsored by PPA in order to earn an education merit. It was taught by the amazingly talented Miyo Strong of Busath Studio and Gardens and was titled Weddings that Wow. It was a lot of fun. We worked mainly on lighting and as I am trying to mesh supplementary lighting into my shooting style I found it very beneficial.

Come to find out that our lovely female model is from Eden, it’s a small world!

I like to take behind the scenes shots…the mob of photographers makes me giggle. I used this in a montage with one of the couple for my My World shot from that day.

This bride was renewing her vows and she had the COOLEST accessories and tattoos. I’m not showing all the details to save space but they were to die for. Awesome jewelry, awesome hairpiece, awesome dress! I love when people have a strong personal style. Know who you are and LOVE it people!!

So one year down and I have five education/service merits and two print merits. Not bad for a first year….eighteen to go!!

Personality and Then Some!! {Utah Family Photography}

My poor siblings! It has to be annoying sometimes to have a photographer for a sister who is always bugging you about pictures. Luckily this time my sister-in-law Becca got the ball rolling so I feel a lot less naggy. 😉 This is my sister Katie and her family, I think this (the photo above) is my favorite of their family that we took that day. I called her when Becca asked me about doing their family because I figured I could do two birds with one stone, so to speak. We had fun! I just wish my other two siblings were around. My sister Leah lives in the land down under but hopefully we will get her and her family here this summer. Photo-op!

The point of this location really is to get the colorful graffiti but I’m a sucker for black and white and I still like the patterns that the paint creates.

My nieces are too, too cute! Riley’s magic word was gummies. To see her face here you wouldn’t know how un-thrilled with taking pictures she was but say the word gummies and she was all smiles.

So cute!

Awwww, you two are the best!

I love this photo, looking at my nephew Davis (the little guy in the middle) makes me crack up every time. He is a character and then some, what a personality!

I had fun playing with this image in photoshop. Sometimes I just take a picture and run with it. I was playing with color and then I thought, “Hey, why not pop the color in the flower” then “I’ll make the skirt match” then “What about her eyes”. It’s fun to do that sometimes.

Mason is such a sweetie!

This is my favorite of course, I love goofy pics. I think Davis was getting tired and done so we did a silly pic to help get a little more time out of him. I do that a lot when shooting families, it works most all of the time. If I can get the kids to feel like they have a part in what is going on they are more interested in the process and cooperate better.

….aaaaaaand scene! Well, at least until next year…ummm time. 😉

Las Vegas Nevada LDS Temple {Utah Fine Art Photography}

I’m running out of temples to photograph for my monthly project that are near me so when Todd and I went to Las Vegas for Ragnar (so much fun) I was excited to photograph the temple there. The race ended, we took a picture, had a toast, then ran over to the temple (while the other van was showering).

It is a rather unusual temple, I really like the spires and I was fascinated by how interesting the back of the temple was, I think my favorite part was actually the back and of course I love the palm trees.

Trying to look for interesting angles and perspectives, here’s the back of the temple from a low angle. I’m pleased with what I got and it was fun, so it’s a win!

I took a few more, so if you’d like to see them (or purchase any) here’s the link to my online Fine Art Boutique.