Adventures or July 2010 Photo Project

I’ve been wanting top do light painting for ages, in fact I believe I mentioned it in a prior post, but life got in the way and I put it off. I had a couple mention an idea they wanted to try for their engagements so I realized I had better hurry up and figure this out. I knew the basics but watched a few YouTube clips to get a better idea of what to do, bought about $35 worth of various sized flashlights, enlisted the help of a fantastic friend and went to play. Sidenote: It’s a lot harder than it looks to get what you want, I need a lot more practice, AND it’s a blast. We had so much fun!

So here for the first time I am actually in one of my own projects. I wasn’t going to be but David made me play and I’m so glad he did. This is my friend David Johnson by the way, he’s amazing, VERY patient, and game for anything.

This shot reminds me of the Dr. Seuss poem “Too Many Daves”. It would be fun to shoot this again but with 23 Davids like in the poem. Maybe I’ll start calling him Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate . . . lol, it could be amusing. Sidenote: I like the tree.

In this one I was playing with firing my off camera strobe at David from the front and also from behind. I like the edge light it created and the shadows on the grass from his feet. Love the pose, we were seriously laughing so very hard. Do you see me? No? That’s ’cause I’m dressed like a Ninja Assasin . . . smoke puff . . . gone.

This may be my favorite shot. I did the same thing with my strobe as in the last pic. Fired it in front and then from low and behind. Then when he recovered from being blinded he swirled the red and I did the white. It was pure luck that the swirls framed him the way they did . . . no wait, it was totally on purpose . . . yeah. I can’t decide if I like the tree branches in the shot or not, I do think that the texture is interesting.

We used a 30 second exposure and my aperture was set at f5.6. I’m afraid I’ve caught the light painting bug. It really was so much fun and now that I’ve sort of got the hang of it I can’t wait to see what else I can do! =)

Sidenote and private joke: It was SOOO worth it, I a- n– a w—-!!


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