Davis Family

This picture just makes me smile. I love pictures with grandparents surrounded by a pack of kids. Who doesn’t love their grandparents? To be fair I have to say that I think mine are the best. 😉

These shots are always chaotic and usually involve me dancing around like an idiot while praying feverishly that I will get at least ONE picture with everyone looking at me (or at least one that I can swap heads if I need to, photoshop how I love thee). Of course you have to work quickly because your time limit is about 30 seconds haha, such a riot!

Sadly there’s never room to post ALL of the shots so here are a few of my favorites.

I just love her look, makes me want to dress her up in old time clothes and set up a whole vintage feel scene.

My dear, dear, friend Sarah and her family. I love family pix with them, they always show so much personality!

Such pretty eyes!

Thanks so much for letting me come play with y’all!!! =)


My Family.

This is my entire immediate family.

I’ve debated for a long time whether or not to post this picture . . . it’s not perfect. I feel pressure to have my own family picture be spectacular since I am a photographer but then I realized that this was a good chance to show how important it is to have pictures of your family, flawed or not.

My sister Leah lives in Australia with her husband Varian and son Jaron. Varian is Australian and while we love him dearly it is hideously wretched to have them be so far away. Leah was able to come for a visit last summer but we haven’t seen Varian for two years and as Jaron is only about six months old we had never seen him.

The night this picture was taken we had just barely got back from a big family trip up to Bear Lake. We are tired, sunburned, and cranky (maybe that was just me). Kids are covered with mosquito bite welts and my little boy had fallen that morning and scraped his face all up. Thank heavens for Photoshop. Because of everyone’s schedules (trips, work, life, oh my) this was the single time while my sister was here that we could do a family picture, so we did it. Most of us, and by that I mean my family, are just wearing what happened to be clean because I literally got off the plane from New York, frantically unpacked/repacked, then headed up to the Lake.

So yeah, it’s not perfect but you know what? It’s priceless. I love my family, you really, honestly, can’t know how much!

N.Y.C. – Scene 5: Curtain Down . . . . at least for this trip.

Just for fun shot. My favorite part of the city was Times Square and all the lights. Couple that with my obsessive love of all things chocolate and swirl in my delight in the fun and humorous and you can see why this was my favorite of all the billboards. I just counted, I took 39 pictures of this one, all in various stages of the little commercial it played, lol, good times! =)

Ahhhhh the magic cheesecake! I think I’ve mentioned how I have a thing for iconic foods. Well, in New York I had to have a hot dog from a street vendor (did that in Central Park – yummy), New York pizza (little cafe in Times Square) and of course New York style cheesecake. Peanut butter fudge, manamana!!! Sidenote-I just googled that to make sure I spelled it right and now I’m watching a clip from Sesame Street dated 1969 of puppets singing the song. Haha, I’m a dork! =)

YAY my favorite shot of the entire trip! Confession, it’s a composite. I used a tripod and did a shot exposed for the lights then switched my settings and used a longer shutter speed so I could blur the Taxis in the lower right hand corner. I like the feeling of motion/action it adds. Times Square is not a static, hold still kind of place and I want to see/show that.

I loved Times Square. They have these bleacher/stair things set up there where you can just chill and watch everything going on. I would sit on those until they kicked us off at one a.m. listening to my iPod. I have two songs that I like to listen to when I’m doing one of my ‘I’m in an exciting place having an adventure and I want to savor the moment’ kind of things. Life Less Ordinary and What About Everything, both by Carbon Leaf. Sidenote two – totally stoked to be going to their concert at Kilby Court on the 19th. Especially because the venue is a total hole-in-the-wall. Perfect, Perfect, PERFECT!!!

Anyway, my trip was brilliant, amazing, and truly life changing, but that’s an entirely different story. . . Loves!!! =)

New York – Scene 4: The Money Shot

These pictures were taken June 19th a.k.a. The Day that I Walked the entire city of New York (not REALLY it just felt like it). =)

Once again just taking pictures of things that catch my eye. I am very often surprised at what I end up liking the best. When you hear the advice to just shoot everything you/I should listen. Part of what I like best about this image is the red which is actually reflections of the traffic lights. I had to wait for another cycle of red to begin because I thought it just made the image better.

I’m not at all a huge fan of Apple but the architecture of this building and the lines created by the panes of class juxtaposed with the outside buildings fascinated me. I tried to put the Apple at a power third position. I’m surprised again by how much I actually like this shot as it was another whim picture. I’m standing in the middle of the floor surrounded by a huge crowd of people jostling for positions around the new iPads and I’m stock-still staring at the sky. I grabbed a few shots then turned to find several employees watching me who of course are looking at me oddly (which I am SO getting used to) and who proceed to comment on my lens (which I also am getting very used to . . . it’s really big). I’m laughing now but don’t ask why, it’s slightly naughty.

I don’t know what this is but I’ve seen it in movies and I liked it. Hence the pic.

The Central Park Boathouse. This was in the movie 27 Dresses. I now have to re-watch all the movies I’ve ever seen that take place in New York. It’s just so much fun when you can say that you’ve been there. Ahhhhhhh movies . . . .

This shot was for Todd. He’s like ‘You have to get a picture of that car’ and I did not want to but grabbed a couple and then liked them once I saw them. Reminds me of a movie scene. He looks like a villain to me, don’t you think? Maybe from some eastern European nation and a car chase is about to ensue. Bond, James Bond.

View of Brooklyn through the museum ship, I believe it’s called the Ambrose, docked along Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. This was a really fun place to visit. Total happy street fest vibe (and actual street fest) going on there.

We decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, yes I would recommend it, but oh how tired I was by the end. Total jellylegs and no I’m not at all a wimp, but a full days walking while hauling around my camera gear and not eating (like I’m going to waste time on that) just about did me in. Worth it . . . oh yes!

TA-DAH!!! The money shot! I went on this trips with lists and schedules of the shots I wanted to get and when. My biggest three were a night shot of the Statue of liberty with hopefully some city in the background, Times Square at night, and city skyline at night with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground. I dragged poor Todd all over so I could get this, actually he dragged me. He knew what I wanted and helped me find it even though I was a little reticent walking down creepy alleyways with all my gear in plain site. He’s awesome that way. We’re at a little park (which I believe was aptly named the Brooklyn Bridge Park) that’s right off the water. I’m going to blow this pic up HUGE and hang it over my bed!

This was another spontaneous grab shot that I ended up liking a whole lot more than I anticipated.

One more post to go for N.Y.C. Thanks so much to all who have the patience to slog through my trip slideshows and ramblings. =)

New York – Scene 3: Start Spreadin’ the Neeeeeews . . .

It took FOREVER to get up to the top of the Empire State Building (really beautiful building on the inside btw), but it was definitely worth it. Luckily it was about midnight at this time or it would have taken us much, much, longer. City that never sleeps? And how! Oh how I love N.Y.C.

I’m a bit of a lunatic sometimes, I admit it. For some reason in my head the Chrysler building looked completely different than this. Of course when I found out this was it I was forced to exclaim ‘I want this place to shine like the top of the Chrysler building’ and then proceed to sing showtunes from Annie . . . I mean it’s a given, right?

I love lit up night shots. Thought the streets in this picture were cool. Like the pulsing arteries of a primordial beast. Yes that’s what I really thought and yes, I really do talk like that. 😉

I have NO idea what these buildings are.

YAY Times Square!!! Oh how I love Times Square! Granted you can’t actually see it in this shot but you can see where the lights are coming from. ‘Lights? I’ve never seen so many lights. It was like, BROADWAY!!!’ LOL!

I wish I could get the moon to look as good in pictures as it does in real life. This was a heart-clenching moment. The moon, the city, Lady Liberty. Did I mention I’m on the Staten Island Ferry at this point. It’s bumpy and windy and cold. Hallelujah for image stabilization. Have I expressed my adoration for my new lens recently??

I love reflections. Happy, happy me!

Boston – Scene2: NBA Finals Night

Yes I will talk about the finals but first let’s take a stroll through the Boston Common, shall we?

The Boston Common is the oldest park in the history of the grand ol’ U.S.A. Boston Common’s history goes back as far as 1634, when the area was designated a common pasture. It was also used for military purposes and for public hangings. The gallows were removed in 1817 and from 1830 on the grazing of cattle was forbidden.

That last paragraph was from google, maybe I’m irreverent but I think it’s funny. =)

This shot was taken in the Central Burying Ground which is in the common. Casualties from the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 are buried here. Seeing some of the names on the headstones absolutely blew me away. We were able to walk a large portion of the freedom trail that night and to actually STAND where so much of our nation’s history took place was incredible.

Kind of a random shot but it amuses me because Todd was telling me it was a statue of Napoleon and I’m telling him ‘No, it’s Washington’. Of course he doesn’t believe me and has to look for himself and upon finding that I am, of course, correct desires to know the source of my wisdom. Once again, REALLY powerful telephoto lens. Ya think the boy would learn. =)

This is SO a Suzie Wood, a.k.a. my Mom, picture. She has an extensive library of bird and flower shots that she fully intends to paint some day. In her defense she is an amazing artist and she really does paint many of them. In my defense, I thought they were just plain cool. I love the texture of the flower that’s in focus against the defocused background. I love my new lens, the bokeh is brilliant!

Just a shot to establish location, I know it’s nothing earth-shattering.

One of the problems with photographing a place that you’ve never been to before is knowing what exactly to take pictures of. The bird boat things were on the map so I figured, what the heck. For all I know they’re really famous bird boats or something. I couldn’t get the angle I really wanted and husband was getting antsy so . . .

This is the Granary Burying Ground. The name on the obelisk is Franklin and it marks the graves of Benjamin Franklin’s parents. Some other Americans of renoun buried there; John Hancock, Paul Revere, James Otis, Samuel Adams, as well as the victims of the Boston Massacre. It was an amazing feeling to be there.

Moving on to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, another of my savoring the ambience moments. This was June 17th game seven of the NBA Finals, Boston Celtics playing the Lakers. There were people in EVERYWHERE. The atmosphere was electric, I’ve never seen so much green.

I can’t remember what this was, but I’m a sucker for cool lit up buildings at night.

Yes, I took a picture of my chowder. I have this iconic food thing. I had to have clam chowder in Boston, I mean really! We ate at the bar of the Union Oyster House which is the oldest restaurant in America. Before it became a restaurant it was home to The Massachusetts Spy in 1771. This was a revolutionary paper and the oldest paper in the United States. It was also an official pay-station during the Revolution where Federal troups received their war wages.

We had a blast eating chowder and fish and crab cake sandwhich’s ( I also just had to try Boston cream pie in Boston) while we watched the game with a room full of Celtic fans, plus two guys from London who didn’t really follow basketball (they were more into World Cup soccer) but were very nice. We wanted the Celtics to win SO badly. We were hoping to see all sorts of merriment in the streets. It was crazy! All the bars were packed, standing room only, everywhere people were watching the game. There were a TON of police on the streets. They closed the house where we were and people were still watching the game through the windows. The proprietor even stopped and put big barred grates up on the windows at one point. It was such a great scene in the movie of my life. Sadly the Lakers won 83-79 and we all just went home. The subways were crazy, literally packed like sardines. I really wish I had a shot of that, I am so sad I missed it.

Boston/New York Trip – Scene 1: Meeting the Green Monster

It’s Saturday night and I’ve only had two and a half hours of sleep. I also have the house to myself so I am finally going to attempt to get my trip pictures edited and posted.

My husband and I went to Boston and New York mid June and the first thing we did was throw our luggage in our room and head straight for the ballpark. This game was June 16th. Boston Red Sox played the Arizona Diamondbacks and won 6-2. My very first major league baseball game and I get Fenway . . . happy dance!!!

Ta-dah! First shot of the night, establishing location. =)

So I freely admit that as a girl I pay more attention to everything going on around the stadium than the actual game . . . that does NOT at all mean that I don’t appreciate the experience. Lol, I was fascinated by the rhythm and lines of the ground crew, a well oiled machine my friends.

Definitely my favorite shot of the night. Love the light, the Green Monster, the body action of the pitcher, AND the blurred ball. Did I get in a smidge of trouble taking this shot . . . maaaaaaybe (SO worth it).

Here’s Number 20 Kevin Youkilis, holder of the unusual arm positioning. So Todd (that would be my husband) mildly freaks out and says ‘You have to get a picture of how this guy holds his bat’ and I’m like ‘Sure, okay’. So I of course take the obligatory 10-12 pictures and I notice that yes he does start out like this but right before he swings he drops into a more standard batting position. I mention this and get the baffled male look from Todd and several other unkown-to-me fans sitting next to him. I’m like, hey I’m the one looking through the really powerful telephoto lens, but thought better of it and just kept snapping pictures. He actually had a home run that night which is always fun.

The crowd there was fantastic. Red Sox fans really take their baseball seriously. The last shot is during the singing of Sweet Caroline. SO fun! I loved watching this gentleman, he was a riot. It was amazing being there. I just wandered around taking pictures and ‘Savoring the Ambience’. OH, and I got a soft pretzel . . . it just seemed like the right thing to do. Now I just need to watch Fever Pitch again.