A precious, precious friend!

There are some days when I do a happy dance that I am involved in photography and this was one of them. Abby is a dear dear friend of mine and I did her Bridal pictures as a wedding gift. I am so grateful I had the chance to do that, these pictures were definitely straight from my heart. We had such a lovely night and it was probably more for my benefit than it was for her. I needed my friend and the beautiful peace of the Bountiful temple where we shot was balm to a wounded soul. Thank you so much Abby for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your life.

These pictures were taken June 5th but I had to wait until after the wedding which was on June 25th to post them so Abby’s dress would be a surprise. Sadly, I was out of town for her wedding. Why does nothing happen until I leave? Sad, sad, me! But I heard everything was beautiful and went well so that’s all that matters. I was thinking of you!


Kelsie & Javier

Hahahahaha . . . this pic was our homage to American Gothic, it makes me giggle.

These two are the cutest couple ever. We had such a fun time. These pictures were actually taken May 27th but I couldn’t post them until after the wedding which was on June 18th. It was SO hard to wait! I know Kelsie through the Kaysville City musicals, we did Joseph together. I’ve done other shows with her Dad and sister so when everyone showed up for the shoot it was like a reunion. Such a great night! Todd (Kelsie’s dad) set up a little pavilion for her to change and we panicked a little because it was raining sporadically on us the entire time but Emily (Kelsie’s sister) was kind enough to hold an umbrella over me. We figured that if it got really bad we could shoot from under the pavilion beacause it was mobile. That would have been hysterical. It was so great to be with the Cragheads again. Javier you are marrying into a most brilliant family!

I’m so sad I missed the wedding, I was out of town, but Kristin Barlow texted me that everything was beautiful. Congrats you two, I wish you the very, very, best of everything!!!