Last post of the day and then I’m CAUGHT UP, well sorta.

Meet Marcy and Robinson Valenzuela, these two are hotties and then some!

Just had to post this pic, it makes me giggle! =)

I’m rather proud of these Headshots. They’re gorgeous, if I do say so myself, and I do, lol!

Marcy you are so so SO beautiful!!!!!!!


Wait for it . . . . NO, I don’t wanna!!! =)

Kenzi Andersen, gorgeous girl, so fun to work with. You may remember her from the Senior pix we took of her at Pineview Reservoir. She is the stunning Hula girl. Well, we did the second half of her Senior pictures weeks ago. SO fun, BUT, I wasn’t allowed to post any of them because the fabulous dress she wore was destined for her Senior Cotillion and of course we didn’t want to ruin the suprise . . . TORTURE!!! I am definitely not the most patient of creatures. Lol, so here she is, finally, in all her glory. Enjoy!