My cousins are really tall.

Believe it or not I am the runt of my family. Just last Sunday at the monthly Jeppson Family Fiesta (yes, that is actually what we all call it) my Mom was teasing me about being short. I am 5’7″. Okay technically I am 5′ 6 3/4″ but who ever says that? “Mom” I say, “Everywhere else I go I am the TALL one.” She just looked at me in a rather scoffing manner. Sigh . . . these pictures are my cousin Josh’s family. See his cute wife? She’s pretty average in height. See him? Yeah, I’m the runt. =) Thanks for being so much fun guys, I really love the lolly!


The Sims Family.

This session was stressful just because I REALLY wanted it to go well. This handsome gentleman was my husband’s best friend growing up and I just wanted everything to be perfect. We scouted the location in August and I was expecting lots of yellow leaves so when I arrived and everything was bare I was flummoxed (part of my personality that I definitely need to work on). I ended up loving the texture of the old wood and we got some fun ones of their son playing on the rock wall so I be happy! They were all so great to work with.

Reminding me why I do what I do.

Every once in awhile you get to do a photo session that is just, MAGIC! I absolutely loved this family. Dad is in the military overseas and for Christmas they wanted to send him pictures. We had so much fun! I should have known they would be amazing because they were referred to me by Kate Taylor, whom I absolutely adore. So, so, so nice, and sweet, and wonderful! The boys were so willing to do anything. The picture I have of them goofing around in the background behind their Mom is my current favorite pic of all time. Thanks Garner family, I truly treasure you all.

Not bad for a first try.

I drive over Trapper’s Loop frequently and for the last month or so I have been increasingly fascinated by the fall grasses that practically glow as they are backlit by the setting sun. Not the best thing to do while driving, I know. Anyway, I have been wanting to try to photograph someone walking in the grasses for awhile now. Well, for Halloween my beloved (and spectacularly, amazingly talented) Aunt Carol made costumes for my daughters and asked if I could take a picture of them wearing them for her. Perfect! So I dragged my children, who were not particularly enthusiastic about the project (never let it be said that I don’t sympathize with mothers trying to get their kids in for pictures), out the door. All I can say is taking backlit pictures is WAY harder than it looks, I so need to practice tons more before I drag clients there. I did get the pictures, they weren’t quite what I envisioned, but hey, now I have something else to work on so it’s all good! =)

Sugar ‘n Spice

I got to photograph five of the most beautiful and fun girls ever last Saturday. This is a session we have been trying to set up for awhile. Getting everyone’s schedules together was tricky, but it was well worth the wait. I’ll admit to being nervous all day that the weather would ruin everything, especially as it was raining as I was driving to meet them. The skies cleared, and we had a blast!