More adventure than we planned on . . . or wished for.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of photographing the family of a dear friend. I had taken their pictures about three years ago but they have a new little girl and it was time for an update. We went to one of my favorite locations and had a great time. The youngest daughter was very shy of the camera but I was still able to get some shots of her that we loved. Father and son had to leave a little early so they had come in two vehicles. As Cami, the girls, and I walked back to the car her son came running to tell us that her window had been smashed in. She had been in such a hurry because she knew her husband had to leave that she had left her purse on the seat of her car. Someone smashed the window, grabbed her purse, and took off. We later found out that someone else saw it happen and chased the guy (in their car) around the Valley. Hooray for awesome people. This wonderful gentleman came back and waited for the police to come so he could tell them all that he had seen. They were able to cancel all their cards etc. and not much was lost but it was still not fun at all. I was so impressed by their calm attitudes. The first thing she said was that they were all okay and that was all that mattered.


All the world’s a stage.

I have definitely been slacking on my blog posting but for good reason. One of the grand passions of my life is the theatre. Yes, I am a theatre geek. I love being onstage. I love the costumes, the makeup, the lights, the rehearsals. Hell week? Love it! I love pulling my emotions out from whatever place I normally hide them and just throwing them out to the audience. I never feel as happy, as whole, like I actually belong, as much as when I am onstage. This October I have had the wonderful privilege of being part of the brilliant cast of Evita, performing at Rodger’s Memorial Theatre in Centerville. It has been an amazing experience, definitely a life changing one. I have met people who have truly influenced my life. What a joy! I share here just a few of the pictures I was able to take during rehearsal. There are more on my facebook page (warning . . . a LOT more).