An Ogden Valley Wedding


I was able to photograph the most wonderful wedding this summer.
I love my beautiful valley and when some dear clients from Texas contacted me to photograph their destination wedding I was thrilled!
We went on a horse-drawn-carriage ride provided by the Bailey family, past their herds of caribou and elk, to a beautiful location on their property.  No decorations were needed as the entire mountain was the backdrop and the wildflowers provided a pop of color.



285 After the ceremony the guests spent time taking photographs then returned in the carriages to the reception at Wolf Creek.  They were treated to wonderful music and a delicious dutch oven dinner.294 296 301309279Simple, elegant, and absolutely stunning.  Filled with friends, family, and laughter.  It was an exquisite day!


They Grow Up SO Fast!


This handsome gentlemen is my neighbor.  My actual neighbor. 🙂
I live in a rural area so our idea of neighbor can encompass miles, but Dillon actually lives just a couple houses down and is the same age as my oldest daughter.  His brother and one of my sons are the best of friends and practically inseparable.  They’re ecstatic this year because for the first time since Kindergarten they actually have the same teachers!

Anyway, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take his Senior pictures and so proud of what a fantastic young man he is.  He was a delight to work with and I wish him all the best at the University of Utah.  I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful time there and be a phenomenal success!

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All the World’s a Stage


Have you ever been to Ogden High School in Utah?  It’s a beautiful building!  It’s also historic as it was built as part of the projects that helped our country recover from the Great Depression.

This is Joseph and he graduated fro Ogden High last spring.  I was fortunate to get a chance to take his Senior pictures.  What’s extra fun is that Joseph is a theatre person like me!  When we went to Ogden High at the end of the session a good friend of mine who manages their theatrical spaces happened to still be there and let us into the main auditorium and the black box so we could take some images where Joseph has spent so many wonderful hours.  My friend was even willing to turn on the lights for us.  That is going above and beyond!


I love this image.  It’s hard to explain how much the stage means to an actor.  The dark theatre, the lights, the feel.  It’s comfort and home and magic.  Thank you Joseph (and Derek), for a wonderful day!

Headshots Galore!!


I absolutely love taking headshots, they’re one of my most favoritest things to photograph and I have been lucky (and blessed) to be able to take TONS of headshots this summer.  Here are just a few {always leave them wanting more :)}, and they happen to be extra special people in my life.

I definitely have a particular style to headshots, I’m SUPER picky about them and how I think they should be done and presented.  However, to each their own, which is the wonderful thing about a world full of diversity!

Happy Monday everyone!

The Jolly Boys


What a family, and what a location! This is in my hometown and I’ve driven past it a million times and my daughter even works here, but I had no idea what was there. Silly me! This is the Jolly Boys cabin, part of the grounds of the Huntsville Barbecue Company. There are several other little cabins there too, which I knew about, but not that they were as cute as they were. We love the food there but have always eaten take-out. No more! We must return! Especially in the summer where the evenings are magic and they have live music. Can’t wait!


p.s. This one is m y favorite.

p.p.s. The top one is called the Jolly Boys cabin because apparently back in the day, some Huntsville boys used to get together, imbibe freely, and have a good ol’ time! 🙂

??Never work with children or animals??


This image makes me laugh out loud. These cuties are the children of a friend of mine from high school. We had a great time playing on a couch set in the tall grass you can see on the right. After we were done the kids were playing around with their adorable dog and I just had to grab a few more shots. I love the personalities that shine through this casual, fun moment. My favorite images tend to be the “outtakes.”

And the Tony goes to…


This is my beautiful, theatre friend Megan. She was in the show 1776 last summer and this dress was made for her so of course she had to buy it and of course she wanted pictures. I was happy to oblige. I love doing any kind of session that is different than the norm. We had such a fun time. It was so nice to get to spend time with a good friend. School keeps me so busy I don’t get to see my friends as often as I would like to. This was the perfect opportunity. As we were finishing the session the most beautiful full moon rose. Perfection!